Yom Ha Atzmaut.

We have had a great day celebrating the birthday of our young state here, 3000 years old, and 65 years young! This ancient land has a new and thriving state built and being built, – and we get to be a part of it!!!

Yom Ha Atzmaut muffins

Last night we were downtown Jerusalem along with thousands of others, dressed in Israeli flags carrying huge plastic blow-up hammers, celebrating our country! It was Yom ha Atzmaut! Independence Day! There was music, there was dancing, there was immense JOY!!! And there was this incredible feeling of togetherness! We had just come out of a difficult day of painful memories, and now we were ready to celebrate what these guys had died for, what we get to live for!

erev yom ha atzmaut

And today we got up early to drive out and get in line to visit an army base that was open to the public for the occasion. This was not just any open army base for us, it was the army base that a great friend of ours serves on. The children were excited to see one of “her” planes, and here they got to pose together with her in front of her F-15!

in front of the F-15

We had a wonderful time walking around learning about the various airplanes of our Air-Force.

at the Air-Force Army Base

And of course watching some of them fly above us was a thrilling experience! Here are some huge helicopters, Sikorskys, that we got to see a couple of times in the air.


Driving around today, there were lots of cars decorated with flags. And even though we were in really large traffic-jams, it didn’t stress us out, – because this was all just lots of great zionists being out and about celebrating our country, – what could be more wonderful than that??

our decorated car

Having shown you our decorated car from the front, I have to also show it to you from the back, as there is something there that I still haven’t shown you…


… yes, it’s my marathon club sticker. I choose to show it today, because my heart, my thoughts and my prayers have also been in Boston today. The whole thing is just so unbelievable! All we can do is sigh to God, pray for healing for the injured, comfort for the families who lost their loved ones. My son who is in third grade, prayed in tears for the class of third graders who will not get their friend back to their class, as he was killed in the bombing of the Boston Marathon yesterday.


On our way back up to Jerusalem, we again saw the ruins of the vehicles that were used in the attempt to bring supplies into the sieged Jerusalem just  before the establishment of the state. Now they were decorated with flags, honoring all those who lost their lives trying to help the people in Jerusalem.

ruined vehicles in Shaar HaGai

Oh, how these things are interconnected. Death. Life. Some died so that others could live. Those of us who are blessed to get to live, – may we live life to the fullest! May our lives be used as positive building blocks! May we keep on building our country!


4 thoughts on “Yom Ha Atzmaut.

  1. Thank you for your words of comfort for Boston. It is sad to know that no country is safe from these terrible acts.

  2. Overall, it sounds like a great Indepdence Day celebration for the family. Unfortunately, particularly when it comes to Israel, it is important to remember the struggles the country has gone through.

  3. Paula R. says:

    I’m a little belated in reading blog posts and email after being out of town a few days.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful Independence Day celebration with your family and friends. How awesome you got to tour a base and see all the planes close up.
    How fun for the kids! It’s good to remember and to celebrate.
    Thanks for your comments regarding Boston.
    Our hearts have been heavy this week. Trusting in the Almighty’s peace and comfort for all of us combatting those who wish us harm.

  4. Talia says:

    Woo hoo! What a great celebration. We will definitely have to stay a bit later next time we visit Jerusalem so that we can be here to celebrate this as well!!

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