Back to every-day-life.

blueberry muffins

Pesach is over, Pesach-vacation is over, and we are fully and officially back to every-day-life. I feel like I got a lot done today (definitely a good feeling!), – countless loads of laundry, cleaned the house, made a double batch of blueberry muffins, got some work done, went for a wonderful run, – all while the kids were still at school!

blueberry muffins

I guess other parents can also relate to the fact that the way the day looks and everything, is quite different depending on if the kids are home or not. The moment they enter, there is lunch, homework, afternoon-activities to drive to, etc. etc.

Our son's baseball practice this afternoon

Our son’s baseball practice this afternoon

A different kind of busyness. It might feel less productive at the moment, but I believe time invested in ones children is the most important investment one can possibly make! So I really want to be present and ready for all those opportunities for good conversation and quality time.

our princess in the hammockBut the time I have in the morning to do “my things” and not just the “mom-things”, really helps me out, so I am thankful that I have a bit of both! 🙂

kids in hammock


3 thoughts on “Back to every-day-life.

  1. The muffins look tasty.
    I have mixed feelings about Pesach being over. However, the bagel I had sure was tasty.

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