Some highlights from Pesach.

How time flies! Pesach is already over! And I sit here with yet another glas of wine and a heart full of wonderful memories from the past week.

It has been lovely to have time for late, long and lazy breakfasts with good friends.

Pesach breakfast

We feel privileged to live our lives in Jerusalem and be able to hang out here during another pilgrim-holiday when Jews from all over come up to our city.

Jerusalem kids

We had a fun picnic in a large Jerusalem park together with lots of friends, but since I am not sure if they would like to appear on a photo on the blog, I choose to show you one of the kite we flew instead… 😉

Jerusalem kite

Several nights we have sat with friends around a small bonfire in our garden and told stories, sung songs and barbecued marshmallows, – and tonight as Pesach and the feast of unleavened bread was over, we made our first real bread over the fire too

small bonfire

A big highlight was the day-trip we made out to Har Eval in Samaria, where Joshua‘s 3 200 year old Altar was found about 30 years ago.

Joshua's Altar

Joshua’s Altar

It was a really unique experience, as this is not an easy place to get to, and most people do not get the opportunity to visit it. Har Eval was the place Joshua and the Israelites came to after crossing the Jordan and entering the Land of Israel. This is were they were sworn in to the Land, so to speak. For us zionists, this is all pretty exciting!

Har Eval hike

The hike out there was really beautiful.

view from har Eval

The views were really amazing! We were able to see most of our country, really! We even saw all the way to the snowy Mt. Hermon!

We have hosted and been hosted and enjoyed lots of holiday meals with dear friends and family. Even today, as the whole week of celebrations was coming to an end, we had another highlight as we sat around a long table here in our home. We were sharing the Meal of the Messiah together, Seudat Ha Mashiach. This particular meal consists exclusively of Matza / Unleavened bread and Wine. And as we shared this together we focused on the Messiah, who He is etc. This is a growing tradition within several groups of Jews, and always something we look forward to!

Matza Photo

Yes, we have been blessed with yet a wonderful Pesach! I am very thankful for the celebrated freedom and redemption, and for family and friends!


One thought on “Some highlights from Pesach.

  1. Paula R. says:

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful Passover with your family and friends. It looks like spring is in full bloom there. Enjoy these beautiful days and memories.

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