Cleaning lists…

This whole week the kids are home on Pesach Break. They get off from school more than a week before Pesach really starts, in order to help clean… Nice idea, huh? 😉 Well, truth is, I normally try to have most of the cleaning done by the time their break starts, so that we will have time to actually enjoy our time together when they are off. BUT, – truth is ALSO that I normally don´t really succeed in this, because there are so many things you want to do at the end… The windows, for example, they even told us on the news last week not to clean our windows yet, because of the dust storm that would come in the weekend. That´s when you really feel that the whole country is doing spring cleaning together, – when that is a news item!!! Anyway, right now my windows are clean, and I am enjoying them for as long as it lasts, as they say there is another dust storm on its way…


Back to kids and cleaning. This year the intention was for them to take part in this a bit when they are home. And, believe it or not, they were actually excited about it!! Most of all, they were excited about making the list of what to clean. I have to admit, – they may have inherited this from me. Because, as we came home from our wonderful weekend in Tel Aviv, full of energy, I sat here on the couch in the evening, writing a long and detailed list of what was still to be done. The next morning I told my son about this, but he wanted to write his own list. Ok, no problem, he could have his own list. He was just done when our daughter came downstairs, and I explained to her that he had now written a list of what was to be done, and she could look at the list, choose something, do it, and then tick it off. This is when our son jumped in and said that this was his list, so he was going to be doing the ticking off….. The princess did not have any problem with this, as she anyway wanted to make her own list, – a pink and decorated one of course! (And she is not ticking the various items off with  simple “v”, no, she is doing either a flower, a heart, a star or something else decorative, always something different…) So, let´s say, we were not lacking in the list-department….

cleaning for Pesach

The cleaning itself started pretty well too. They both took off and started on various projects, and came back to tick it off as soon as it was done. But as the days have gone by, it has become more of a question of what IMMA (that´s me…) has done, and they can tick off…. Oh, well! As long as they are getting along well, and are having good days, I am not complaining. When I find them in bed, him reading her a book, for example. Sweet.

kids reading

I must admit, this idea of them taking a bit of ownership of the project, feeling part of it, has given a positive structure to our days. Much better than them spending their days on the couch with DVDs and games on the I-Pad, making a fuss of every little thing while I am the only one aware of the cleaning project we are in the middle of!

We have also done some fun gardening two days in a row.


Today is an absolutely beautiful day, and we are celebrating the fact that we are almost ready for Pesach, by filling the little pool in our front yard. Nice life!

filling the pool


3 thoughts on “Cleaning lists…

  1. Glad the kids have been somewhat helpful.
    We have not even started yet. Well, we do have someone who comes every other week. She did some of the cleaning already but there is more to go. It is hard to do in advance when you have younger children who like to eat everywhere.

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