“Baby Moshe on the Nile” – Craft

This is such a brilliant Pesach craft. (I can say that, because I was not the one who came up with the idea!) It is so simple and fast, – and yet so sure of success.

Baby Moshe on the Nile

You need: A piece of cardboard to draw the Nile on, A little basket of sorts, a little doll to be baby Moshe, possibly a little piece of cloth for a blanket, and last but certainly not least two quite strong magnets.

You color everything, – well, not the baby…

Making a Pesach Craft

And you glue one piece of magnet to the bottom of the little basket and put it on “the Nile”.

basket on the Nile craft

The other one you hold underneath the cardboard under the place where you have just placed the basket.

magic with magnets

And here is the trick; – when you move the magnet under the cardboard, – the basket with baby Moshe moves on the Nile! By itself, so to speak!! It’s magic!!!

Moshe in the basket on the Nile Craft

I have now done this with several groups of kids, and they have all loved it! I am warmly recommending it!


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