Running In Tel Aviv

First of all, – THANK YOU so much for all  your sweet and compassionate comments to my last post!! You guys are the best!!! And really, maybe it was all your encouragement, prayers and good thoughts, – the next day I was already feeling much better! As I told my sister that on the phone, she said, – yes, it is not like you to be down for long! 😉

It helped to gain perspective, – it is JUST a marathon! We are all healthy and all is well, really. I have so much to be thankful for!!

It was also helpful to just make a decision for what to do about this new situation. I knew the whole time that I wanted to run on the day of the marathon, to get to take part and enjoy the festivities and all the excitement. But I also really wanted to run my 42.2, my full marathon. (You know, the bumper sticker… ;)) So because I am planning on doing the full marathon on the Friday the week after the Tel Aviv Marathon, I decided to just run the 10 K race on that day (to not mess up my tapering-period, where I am supposed to take it somewhat easy just before the marathon).

Here you can see me having fun running the 10 K:

running the 10K in the Tel Aviv Marathon

They let those of us registered for the full marathon get into whichever race we wanted to, since ours had been cancelled/postponed, and I felt like quite the VIP going around there with my special number. 😉

Here I am towards the end of the race… giving it all…. I only get it to come up here with the ad on the bottom, but I saw it without it, and then you can see that I am actually in the air and not touching the ground, – kind of makes up for the facial expression! Haha!

running the 10 K in the Tel Aviv marathon

I started running at 06.45 in the morning, and it was not so awfully hot yet. But they say that between 7 and 8 the temperatures rose dramatically. People actually stood along the race and hosed us down with water!!! It sure had a cooling effect! For anyone interested in the time, – I did my 10K in 52 minutes and 53 seconds. I am quite happy with the result. I didn’t know how it would go, as this is not the distance I have trained for, but it was fun just to run with all these thousands of runners. I started together with five thousand runners, and there were close to 35 thousand runners all in all.The running in crowds both slows you down and speeds you up, as you constantly have to pass people, but also are encouraged further by all the great runners around you.

Here is me cooling my feet off in the Mediterranean after the race, with my medal and all:

having done the 10K in the Tel Aviv  marathon

I really hope I will get to run my full marathon on the upcoming Friday, – they are actually forecasting a similar heatwave… so we will see.

Afterwards, I stood for a bit by the finishing line to encourage those who were still coming in. I am the type who would say something like ” Go for it! Only ten more meters! Give it all you’ve got!!!” But as I got there, I heard the ones over the loudspeaker saying stuff like “Take it easy. It is totally OK to walk. If you feel like it at all, just start walking. Listen to your bodies. Don’t push too much.” I was puzzled by this, but not long after I understood why, because sadly we heard about a tragedy that had taken place: One of the runners of the half marathon had collapsed and died. And several others had also been taken to the hospital in difficult situations. We pray for comfort for the family of the young runner who lost his life doing something that he loved, and we keep praying for complete recovery of the ones that are still being treated in the hospital.

So this is a reminder to us all to stop in time, to not push beyond a certain limit. And even if you keep drinking, sometimes it is not dehydration as much as it is overheating. They say a factor that made it particularly difficult now was that this is early spring, and we are not used to such heats, had it been May, the situation would have been very different. But really, the numbers speak clearly of that the great majority of runners were totally fine. There were close to 35 thousand runners, and somewhere between 50 and 80 individuals were treated for medical difficulties.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a really nice day in Tel Aviv. I loooooooved being by the sea!

the Mediterranean

And so did the kids.

kids having fun in the water

We were there for two whole days, and did several really nice walks on the beach, in the water, and on the promenade next to it. By night and by day.

walks on the beach

We also had friends who came to hang out with us a bit on the Friday. Lots of fun!!

fun with friends

But I have to go, you guys! The kids are already well started with cleaning for Pesach, and it is about time I join them!!!

See you later!


5 thoughts on “Running In Tel Aviv

  1. Ulli says:

    I am so impressed about your running. And in those pictures, you are running next to those all strong looking guys… Kol ha kavod!

    • Te'ena says:

      Thank you, Ulli! Yes, I was running for a while with a group of army-guys even. Fun stuff! Gives energy too, you know, to feel like you are doing well. But you, – how are you?? Did you get my SMS a few weeks ago about me loving to have a visit from you some time between the middle of May and the middle of June???

  2. Janne says:

    Gratulerer med flott gjennomført 10 km!!! Rekne med d e tungt i varmen. Eg foretrekke jo å springa i stri-regn framfor sol og varme… Du e jammen GOD!!! Lykke t med ditt nest løp…hb d ikkje blir kansellert…

  3. Anita says:

    Gratulerer så mye med vel gjennomført løp! Flotte bilder! Jeg driver og moter meg opp til å lære meg å løpe 10 km.. Jeg av alle!!!! Søsteren min og jeg planlegger å løpe KK-mila i Oslo i september.. Så jeg trenger et seriøst spark for å komme i gang..

  4. Paula Romer says:

    Te’ena, Mazal Tov on a job well done! I know you were disappointed since your last marathon was cancelled. Great job making the best of the situation and enjoying your Tel Aviv race and time with your family by the beach.

    Thanks for the encouraging word about knowing your limits and knowing when to push through. I’m so proud of you and your discipline, perseverance and dedication. I say that as I write from my comfortable armchair, ha!

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