A few new sewing projects.

As we clean and tidy and make everything ready for Pesach, the urge for renewal naturally comes to the surface. There are sales on furniture and dishes and all kinds of stuff for the house, so clearly this is the season…

new pillows

I have often ended up painting our walls at this time of the year, and thereby achieving a feeling of something new. But as I used my leftover paint last year, I went to my stock of materials and cloths this year. So I am sewing pillows, runners, kitchen towels and a few more little decorative items. Some are still in process, but some are done, and I thought I’d show them to you here. 🙂

new runner in the kitchen

To get a few new items, feels like a nice reward as we are putting so much effort into going through things and making everything so nice and orderly in the house. All my projects are really, really easy and simple. But when you have beautiful materials, the results are good anyway!

new kitchen towels

Of course this is kind of a far stretch from getting rid of chametz/leaven. However, Pesach is kind of like a new start, a new year of sorts, so why not make it a more beautiful new start?? 😉

new pillow

I cannot count how many times I have been thankful for our leather couch. Just think of kids birthday parties, and just life as a family, really. It is VERY convenient to have a couch one can just easily wipe anything off. But, the downside is that I feel it gives a too heavy and dark kind of look. So, I do my best to make the visual impression a little lighter by adding more country style pillows.

new pillows

Last time I showed you our daughter’s room. So here is a picture from our son’s room, with a new pillow:

boy's room

OK, now I have to go put my challot in the oven, so that they will get out just before we light the candles for Shabbat. By the way, in the parasha/Torah portion of this week (Vayakel Pikudei, Exodus 35-40), we read about how they made all the things needed for the tabernacle. Crafts and handy-work are given a very worthy position, and as I read it yesterday, I all of a sudden felt it so fitting that I had done all this sewing this week! 🙂

kitchen counter

Wishing you all a blessed Shabbat Shalom from Yerushalayim!


9 thoughts on “A few new sewing projects.

  1. Stine Vikesland says:

    Så fint dere har fått det. De nye tingene du har sydd er kjempefine. Kjekt med noe nytt i litt vårlige farger nå når påskefeiringen nærmer seg.

  2. Paula Romer says:

    So darling. You’ve really added such a warm, personal touch to your home. Enjoy all the fruits of your labors.

  3. Hva betyr det siste ordet på den puta? Jonatan?
    Det er ingen som Jonatan?

  4. Talia says:

    They all look great! What does the one from your sons’ room say?

  5. Franziska says:

    You are so creative! I admine this gift of yours !

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