Megilat Esther

Megilat Esther is Hebrew for “The scroll of the book of Esther”. An interesting and quite well known fact about this book of the Bible, is that there is no mention of God in the whole book! His hand is present, but His name is hidden.

Megilat Esther - The scroll of Esther's Book

Megilat Esther – The scroll of Esther’s Book

This is a reminder of looking for the hidden presence of God in everything we do and see around us. He is everywhere. The question is if we see Him, or rather if we search for Him and want to see Him.

megilat Esther

Just about since I learnt Hebrew a decade and a half ago, I have known that one of the meanings of the name, Esther, is “hidden”. But only this year did I pick up on the fact that one of meanings of the Hebrew word “megilah” is “finding”. The root clearly shows it, so once you realize it, it is all clear. (Hebrew is a deep and really amazing language!) So, anyway, – this leaves us with “Megilat Esther” meaning “Finding the hidden”. Pretty cool, isn’t it??

Reading Megilat Esther

Reading Megilat Esther

As part of our Purim-celebrations we have read through Megilat Esther twice. An exciting story with enormous depth if our eyes are just opened to see it.

May we look deeper and deeper, and see God more and more like He is! May our eyes be opened to see His presence and His guiding hand everywhere!


3 thoughts on “Megilat Esther

  1. hollykaann says:

    I love this! I am learning so much about the Bible from your posts. We are very interested in the Jewish ways as this is the base of our faith. We celebrate the Passover with a Seder Meal. I am so looking forward to your posts!

    • Te'ena says:

      Thank you for your very encouraging comment! I am sure my posts will be focused on Passover, or Pesach as we say here, during the coming month. That, and running a marathon… 😉

  2. Talia says:

    Wow, Finding the hidden! That is VERY cool! That is one of my favourite things about hebrew- all the layers of meaning to words!

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