Highlights of my week.

One obvious highlight of my week, is of course the baseball party that was the subject of my last post. I have been eating leftover chocolate cake all week from that party! Good thing it was a yummy one! 🙂

My dear husband is now officially half way through his Law-studies, being done with papers and exams for this past semester. We celebrated with a fun afternoon at the park…

father and son playing baseball

…and then a nice candle lit dinner after the kids were in bed…

candlelit dinner

… and a good movie after that. Nice life!

But what seems most dominant in my memories of this week, is sick kids. Unfortunately. Really, one of them have been home every day but one, and they were both home several days together. So, lots of relaxing couch time. Hot tea. Books. Hugs. DVDs. They both had fevers and a little bit of a throat thing. And, actually we ended up doing lots and lots of crafts. We just used stuff we had at home, as we of course didn’t go anywhere. It really added a lot of fun to our long days at home.


Finger-paint was a great success! This kind of reminded me of when they were younger, like before they started school and we had long nice afternoons without homework. But really, you never grow too old for finger-paint!


There is something releasing about finger-paint. The limitlessness of it! The mess. And the fact that that is the way it is supposed to be!


We use some big old worn out shirts for painting-clothes. Very helpful. 😉 We also painted different wooden and clay objects. But here I joined too, and I guess was too busy to take any photos!

And we have advanced from knitting unto sewing!

sewing a teddybear

We are making teddy bears!

teddy bear making

It’s really easy. You just make a pattern and copy that over to cloth twice. By the way, the next one we did a little rounder, as this one became a quite tall and thin model. We added details like eyes and mouth. And then they just stitch around the edge before we fill it with this white pillow-filling-stuff. It has been very satisfying for the kids to see that they are able to make something so real. This brown bear is done, and at the moment of writing a pillow is being made for him right next to me! 🙂

Anyway, – you get the point. This has been a week without too many outings for me, which I am fine with. There is a time for everything. But today I am very thankful to grandma up the street who came to enjoy some cozy couch time with her grandkids, while my favorite running partner and me got to participate in the 25K Begin-Race.

running the Begin Race

It was an absolutely beautiful day for running, and it was great to run through the streets of Jerusalem with another 1200 runners. Jerusalem is my home, it is where I do my training-runs too, but still, – I am always taken away with the views and the types of things we run next to! Anything from old city walls to blooming almond trees really gives me great joy and encourages me on my way.

running in Jerusalem

It looks like we are going to have a quite relaxing Shabbat, matching our week. Fine with me, – I love being able to put my feet up after today’s long run. We are even invited to my husbands parents for dinner tonight, so yes, here we are relaxing all around.

Shabbat shalom to you all from Yerushalayim, Ir HaKodesh!


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