Baseball Birthday Party.

This is a party that has been planned for several months. He had only been in little league baseball for a few weeks this fall, when he decided that this would be the theme of his birthday party. Not long after that I found paper plates, cups, napkins and table cloths for this theme on a great sale at a wonderful store I know, – so of course I picked it all up, even though the party was still four months away. Always good to be ready.

baseball birthday party

The birthday boy made a count down calendar for the last two weeks before the birthday. (Hey, that is really good compared to former years, when it has been more like two months!) During the last week we have been following the weather forecast for the birthday, because, – what is a baseball party without a baseball game?! We have had some quite stormy and very wet days lately, but wouldn’t you know it, today showed up bright and clear, absolutely perfect for a baseball game!

birthday boy

The birthday of course started long before the party. At two minutes to six a very excited boy woke me up, and told me he had been waiting for two or three hours (!) already! Outside of his room he had found this huge present, which was too big to even wrap, so we had just thrown a blanket over it, and he was wondering when he could open it. We waited for another half hour, and then the whole family was gathered as he opened his gift.

birthday gift

And boy, was he happy! He has been trying to guess what it could be, but he has never even come close, and it was so nice to be able to really surprise him. I don’t know how many times today, I have heard him say “It is just PERFECT!”.

baseball cupcakes

He took enough cookies to school to share with all of his classmates, so that he could celebrate with them too. And then at the end of the school-day I picked him up bringing him a big helium balloon. That is always a hit. Pure happiness. So simple.

helium balloon at school

The party started soon after we came home, and the first thing on the program after the guests arrived, was the actual baseball game. It was lots of fun. Most of it. Admittedly it had its difficult moments when the game did not go according to the expectations of the one who has been excited about this for four months (but, hey, we’ve been to birthday parties before, that is to be expected!). And still, at the end of the day, he says it was all absolutely perfect. So it can’t have been that bad.

baseball gameAfter the game, when everyone had built a healthy appetite, we came in for fresh home made pizza, – all you can eat! Another sure success. The pizza was followed by cakes of various kinds, – a chocolate cake decorated as a baseball field and lemon cup cakes decorated as baseballs. Fun stuff!

baseball field cake

As gifts had been opened, party favors had been handed out and guests were leaving, I felt the fatigue set in. I put the kids to bed, and found it extremely rewarding to have a new nine year old who just couldn’t keep the smile off his face, – it was all so absolutely perfect!! The best birthday ever!

birthday candles

Then I hit the couch with a bag of candy, put my feet up on the table and enjoyed some me-time. Reading, communicating, blogging, relaxing. There is a time for everything.


11 thoughts on “Baseball Birthday Party.

  1. Pat Irving says:

    This is a very sweet party for a very cute boy! Today, Richard and I have been outside putting in spring flowers….holding our breath, and hoping that “spring is just around the corner” ! R. Placed water lines for tomato plants …. Blessings to all. Pat and Richard

  2. Ulli says:

    Wow, what a blessed boy to have such a mom!

  3. Looks very cool. Clearly he had a great time. Nice.
    You moms are so crazy about parties – planning for months?

  4. What a fun looking and colorful party! So that’s what all the decorative
    cakes were for:-) Jonathan is growing up so fast!!!

  5. What a brilliant party! I love that last photo with you and the cake – wow. We are getting our 9 year old one of those game tables for her 10th birthday next month too! Also I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you and your blog for a Sunshine Award. It is such a great blog 🙂 I hope you like your award!

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