Sick Day x Two

And then there were TWO sick kids enjoying the comforts of home.

sick day

Meanwhile I am eating C-vitamins in various shapes and forms in order to prevent that I will be the next one down. So far so good.

C vitamins

We have had a cozy day with more rest, DVDs, hugs, books, comfort and so on. And I was even able to get some planned computer-work done in between the shifts! Thankful for a home office with a door to it! (The background noise of Wallace and Gromit would just not be all that helpful to the efficiency-level… ;))

And outside it was such a beautiful, beautiful day! So spring-like it almost made me want to clean my windows. (Almost, that is, only almost.) What it really made me want to do, was go out for a nice walk or a run, but here I was, pretty much stuck inside caring for my patients. One thing was to turn on a DVD and close the door to my office, quite another thing would be to actually go out for a walk, just for the pleasure of it. In the end I went outside to sit on the balcony for half an hour. Very enjoyable indeed. Fresh air. Afternoon sun. Knitting. The good life.

knitting outside

I must have been blessed with a good amount of knitting-time lately, because, look, my winter-pillow is done!


And now I am working on some fun colorful socks.

knitting socksTomorrow is national election-day, so it is a day off from school and work anyway. And I hope everyone feels better at least by Wednesday. Even with all these comforts of home, my dear little ones do prefer health and every day life, and so do I.


4 thoughts on “Sick Day x Two

  1. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

  2. Janne says:

    God bedring til to søte små……som er blitt så store!!!

    • Te'ena says:

      Takk for gode ønsker! Alltid kjekt å “sjå” deg her!! 🙂 (Ser dykk forresten kvar dag på bilde på kjøleskåpet vårt også! Kjempestilig bilde! 🙂 )

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