Sick-Day for Princess.

We had a lovely Shabbat, with dear friends and family. But unfortunately it became clear that our little princess was not feeling well, and most of Shabbat afternoon she spent resting on the couch.

princess sick day

So today she is enjoying a home-day. I really think she is enjoying it, doing a real movie-marathon, watching Dora and Pippi Longstocking and all of her favorites. And of course she is provided with her favorite snacks to go with it. Not all bad. Especially when the symptoms of her throat ache are calmed down temporarily by neurofen.

I am enjoying having her home, and adjusting my schedule to do more friendly activities, such as granola making. (*Looooving the homy smell it spreads all throughout the house!) I am again very thankful for my flexible schedule, which allows for such adjustments. 🙂

homemade granola

But now I am stepping out for a little bit, as I already had an appointment to buy a cooking stove for a new immigrant here in Jerusalem, through the benevolence program I work with. Will be back shortly! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sick-Day for Princess.

  1. hollykaann says:

    I hope she is better soon. I never liked mine being sick, but I do like all the cuddling they allow me to do when they are sick. 🙂

  2. I hope she is all better Te’ena.

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