My Carrot Cake Recipe.


I love when healthy stuff comes on sale in the supermarkets, and lately one of our local supermarkets has had a great sale on fruits and vegetables. One of the vegetables that are sold for basically “give away” prizes, are carrots. It makes you feel like you have to buy the quota of three kilos every time you are there! So, – I fill my fridge with carrot-bags, make carrot-soup and carrot-salad, cut up carrot-sticks to go with just about any meal or as a snack in between, – and I make carrot cakes, which is what this post is going to be about.


And here is another thing my mom taught me; – when you make a cake, you might as well make two. It’s the same amount of work and dishes. And you can always freeze one.

carrot cakes

So, here comes my recipe for two carrot cakes:


6 eggs

(whip these on medium speed for about 8 minutes)

300 ml. oil

(add gradually, whipping on high speed until evenly blended)

500 grams sugar

10 grams salt

(Gradually add the sugar and salt, whipping at medium speed.)

320 grams flour

5 grams baking powder

3 grams baking soda

12 grams cinnamon

(Sift these four dry ingredients together before adding them to the rest)

500 grams grated carrots

100 grams chopped walnuts (optional)

(Fold in the grated carrots and chopped walnuts)

Pour the batter into two round pans, and bake at 175 degrees Celsius for about 50 minutes.

Cool before adding cream cheese icing.

My Cream Cheese Icing is a quick whip-together of about 60 grams butter, 200 grams powdery sugar, two teaspoon vanilla and two boxes of cream cheese. (This is enough for two cakes, but if I freeze one, I freeze it without the frosting and only make the frosting for it afterwards.)

two carrot cakes

I highly recommend making two. You can always bless a neighbor. But if you insist on making only one, – just cut all the ingredients in half and you will do just fine!



4 thoughts on “My Carrot Cake Recipe.

  1. Hadassah says:

    Thank you so much! From personal experience I can say…. your carrot cake is the BEST!!

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  3. Paula Romer says:

    I love the idea of using shredded carrot strands to make the stars of David! Brilliant! Ill have to remember to do that to make designs in the future.

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