Another Long Run.

Today and last Sunday have been our coldest running days so far, but then again, – they have been so much better than the days in between, that I am certainly not complaining! (*On some of those in between days I was very thankful to be able to run inside, because the exercise I got outside those days consisted of igloo-building and such…) Today though, I must admit that I felt my toes and fingers freeze during the first couple of kilometers, but soon enough you heat up until you start sweating in spite of it only being a few degrees above zero.

Seeing the bridge from a different angle.

Seeing the bridge from a different angle. (And do you see the snow there in the left corner??)

The patches of snow are now pretty tiny, and it would not be true to call them white patches, because really, most of them aren’t white anymore…. But still, there was plenty of evidence to be seen from what now has earned the name “The Storm of the Decade” along our route. There were broken down roadsigns, lots of big branches that had fallen down, and quite a few broken umbrellas… (Really, – who takes an umbrella out in a wind-storm?!?) And the snow that was still around did make me happy, in spite of it’s dirty state. Seeing a grown up man going over and kick a little pile of snow, just because he could (and who knows when the opportunity will come around again), made me smile.

running past broken branches

running past broken branches

As we are building up our milage, and gradually increasing the length of our long runs, we tried out a new route today, which took us up to French Hill and Ramat Eshkol, the areas I used to live in when I first came to Jerusalem, and also the area we lived in during our first years of marriage. It had been a while since I had been back, and it was quite nice to see the streets I would walk through when I was a really fresh Jerusalemite, the place where I mailed off the invitations to our wedding, the corner where we would buy our Shabbat Flowers, – there were so many sweet memories popping up all over!

Our training for our first full marathons is going pretty well. We are having fun with it, and are really enjoying doing the long runs together. Now that we are running longer than the half marathon distance, I can feel it becoming more challenging. While this is natural as it of course is getting harder, I feel that it might be mostly mental. The feeling of that I have never ran this far before, sort of works to drain your energy. I am listening to running podcasts as I run (again warmly recommending, and was reminded that the training is 90 % mental, and then another 10 % mental… hehe. But the perspective that I am really taking away from the podcasts I listened to today, is the attitude that we don’t have to run, we get to run. What a privilege to be able to run, to have the health to run, to be able to take the time to run. I am very thankful that I get to run!

Imagine running through the Old City of Jerusalem as part of your route! I feel privileged!

Imagine running through the Old City of Jerusalem as part of your route! I feel privileged!


4 thoughts on “Another Long Run.

  1. senait says:

    Te’ena, kol hakavod lach for your blog. I really am enjoying it and it is very inspiring. Keep up the good work.

    • Te'ena says:

      Wow, Senait!!! It is sooo nice to “see” you here! Thank you for your very encouraging comment! I hope you and yours are well! Wish you were closer! Lots of love to you all from Jerusalem.

  2. Luke says:

    I was trying to communicate to someone today what it’s like in Jerusalem – the old city in particular. The idea that you could be touching a stone placed there by someone thousands of years ago.

    You are indeed very lucky! Can’t wait to visit Israel again soon.

    • Te'ena says:

      Thank you for your nice and encouraging comments! Jerusalem is certainly a very unique place with an amazing history. I feel extremely privileged to be able to call it my home!

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