Enjoying the last bits of snow.

Considering the fact that we are far from spoilt when it comes to snow here in Jerusalem, we don’t let it go unnoticed that there still are some white patches out there. My husband just came in from taking out a bag of garbage, and with a big smile on his face he said how nice it is to still see bits of snow! And I really enjoyed my walk to get some milk at the local grocery store, for the exact same reason, – these white patches of snow really add a lot of joy to our lives! A white patch of snow still left on some rosemary bushes.

A white patch of snow still left on some rosemary bushes.

Friday was another snow day where all Jerusalem children got an extra day off from school. We didn’t really get a new snowfall, but there was enough left on the sidewalks to make it slippery, and in order to prevent people from falling and getting hurt, we got to stay home and have another snowball fight instead… 😉 We were all happy with that!Getting Abba pretty good! Getting Abba pretty good!

My pink princess and I did a nice walk together and bought shabbat-flowers. On the way she several times stopped and exclaimed: “Oh, it’s sooo beautiful! I just have to take a break and enjoy the view!” And really, this was the day to enjoy the views, because now that it was not snowing any more, it was easier to look across to the hills around us, like here to the fields of our neighboring kibbutz.

snowy view

And what kinds of flowers did my princess help me choose for this Shabbat? Of course, – pink ones!!!

shabbat flowers

Today, on Shabbat, we walked to the Western Wall, and there was still a little bit of snow left in the Old City and by the Kotel itself. But it was noticeable that our neighborhood is higher in altitude and therefore had more snow.

Snow at the Western Wall

Snow at the Western Wall (Photo credit: ForestForTrees)

Next time we have a real snowfall I would really love to get all the way down to the Old City. We walk these distances regularly, but in deep snow it takes longer and is colder, something you notice especially with children. (And taking the car is just not an option as neither the streets nor the cars are prepared for it.) But think of such unique views! And the pictures one could get! Definitely, next time I’m there. May it be soon…


2 thoughts on “Enjoying the last bits of snow.

  1. Anita says:

    Så kjekt å lese om livet i Jerusalem. Ser ut som om dere har gode dager i snøen. 🙂 Her er det lite snø, jeg gleder (!) meg faktisk til det kommer litt mer snø slik at vi kan gå på ski (hadde jeg ALDRI trodd jeg skulle si høyt…).

    Klem fra Anita i Svolvær

    • Te'ena says:

      Hei Anita i Svolvær!!! Så kjekt å høyre at du leser bloggen min, og tusen takk for at du tok tida til å kommentere! Alltid oppmuntrande! 🙂 Håpar de får meir snø snart, – gler meg til å sjå bilder på facebook! 🙂 Klem frå meg i sør til deg i nord.

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