So Much More Snow in Jerusalem!

My dear children, who happily sang themselves to sleep with Winnie the Pooh‘s snow song last night, came jumping on my bed at 6.30 this morning super excited: “Imma, imma, – it is NORWAY outside!!!” I got up to look out the window with them, with every intention of afterwards saying we were going back to sleep, and would go outside later.

waking up to snow in Jerusalem

But what we saw is not something you see every day in Jerusalem, not every year, and not even with every snow fall. This was so overwhelmingly beautiful, it made what we were so excited about last night seem like nothing in comparison. The trees were heavy with snow, the thick snow blanket covered everything, – and so far it was all pretty untouched.

snowy Jerusalem morning

Maybe that was what convinced me, the relatively untouched part, because gone were the thoughts of going back to sleep… now all the focus was turned to finding the right clothes for going outside to enjoy this wonderful snow!

very snowy Jerusalem street

And off we went on an early morning snow walk. It was beautiful!

palm tree with snow

Freshly fallen snow is always a pretty sight, but the combinations with the Jerusalem stone, the Palm trees, the orange trees, – it is just so unique!

citrus tree with snow

We had a lovely, lovely walk. Moments I will treasure forever.

Jerusalem snow

My snow-loving son skipping around throwing himself into the snow, joyfully exclaiming: – This is just fantastic! – This is what Real Life is like!

enjoying Jerusalem snow

He was actually born during a snow storm (almost in the snow literally!). So that may be why he enjoys snow so much that he does not seem to mind or even notice how cold it gets.

snow man

I love snow too. What can I do, – Norwegian roots…

snow in Jerusalem

This is a day that has brought a lot of joy to young and old in Jerusalem. Sort of like an extra holiday. Everyone (with the exception of hospital workers and such) gets a surprising fun day off from work or school. And we all enjoy some spontaneous fun. Snow days are wonderful blessings. My heart is very thankful!

Jerusalem snow


11 thoughts on “So Much More Snow in Jerusalem!

  1. Looks nice. I guess mored hageshem turned into snow instead.

    • Te'ena says:

      I guess so, yes! 🙂 Sometimes I wish there was an option to click “like” on comments here like we do on Facebook. I would have used it for this comment of yours! 🙂

  2. Faster says:

    Wow, dette ser kjempeflott ut! Heldige alle som ikkje treng ut med bil….. Gled dokk så lenge det går an…….

  3. elishevadee says:

    very beautiful! As a child growing up in Virginia we did not often get snow and had no boots – I remember my mother putting bread bags over our shoes so we could go out and play! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!

    • Te'ena says:

      Yes, people here use plastic bags too, inside their shoes or outside of them. I always imagine it getting too slippery having them on the outside, but maybe next time I will try them on the inside. Thank you for reading and commenting! It always encourages me to hear back from people!

  4. Unni Osthus says:

    For en begivenhet- og for noen flotte bilder.
    Jeg er glad jeg er så godt kjent i området at jeg kunne følge dere på turen. Kos dere:-)
    Jeg tror dere må få bedre vinterklær, spesielt votter!

    • Te'ena says:

      Ja, dette har vore ein begivenhetsfull dag, mamma! Det hadde vore veldig kjekt å ha deg med på turen på skikkeleg også! 🙂 Og, ja, gode votter er alltid litt mangelvare slike dagar… Dine heimestrikka er dei absolutt beste! 🙂

  5. Paula Romer says:

    Oh enjoy the blessed gift from above. I was thrilled the storm was major enough to close everything down… Rather than just messing things up. Enjoy your extra day! I laughed so hard when Jonathsn said
    “It’s Norwar outside!” Too cute… And his comment about “this being like real life.” Where do kids come up with this stuff. Enjoy!

  6. Luke says:

    What great photos! It’s beautiful to see this city in snow – a rare opportunity. Thanks.

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