Making the Most of every Snowy Moment!

Jerusalem snow

The fact that snow is such a temporary thing must be part of what makes it so special and exciting. This is certainly true here in Jerusalem. We know that our time with it is very limited. So we desperately try to hold on to every moment of it. (Hence, the late night and the early morning, referred to in my last posts.)

Jerusalem snow

After our beautiful snow walk this morning, we came home for breakfast and a little bit of warming of toes and fingers. But we could already sense that the peak had been there, and the snow was starting ever so slowly to leave us, so we put on some dry socks and headed out again!

First on our program was the building of a snowman.

snowman building

A big snowman.

snowman building

A really big snowman! Possibly the biggest snowman in all of Jerusalem. (*I must admit that we did not have a chance to go around and check this out for a fact, but we did notice that people kept on stopping and taking pictures by our snowman throughout the afternoon, so it was certainly pretty special!)

Jerusalem snowman

Here is a picture with the children posing next to it, just to give you an idea of the size of it…

big Jerusalem snowman

After being done with the snowman, we did not waste any time, but moved straight on to our next fun snow project. The building of an igloo!

igloo building

Not an every day activity for us Jerusalemites…! Good thing we had some expert help with experience from the States with us! (*Very helpful also with the snowman-building. There, by the way, we were also helped by some Canadian neighbors.)

igloo building

We happened to have some red roof left from our tree house project, and made it work for our igloo, which of course became so much better looking with a roof on it!! 😉

igloo with a roof

Next we enjoyed hot chocolates with whipped cream, and some homemade cookies, in our newly built igloo…

hot chocolate in the igloo

Well, at least some of us fit inside of it…

in the igloo

Yes, it has been a really good snow day. And yes, we have definitely made the most out of every moment of it!

(*AND, – last I checked both the snowman and the igloo were still there!)


2 thoughts on “Making the Most of every Snowy Moment!

  1. Paula Romer says:

    These pictures are soooo precious! I love the giant snowman! What fun! And the Israeli flag was a great touch. That igloo is awesome! It’s great you had some help building the life-size igloo. What fun to have hot chocolate and special treats inside it. You are so sweet to schlep all your mugs and dishes into the igloo!

    I was thinking… I hope they have enough food for Shabbat…. But then I thought… What am I talking about??? Te’ena is the Queen of preparation and planning ahead. I’m sure her storehouses are full of wonderful food. Have you ever made homemade marshmallows! Like big ones? I’ve never tried making them yet… But everyone says they are so delicious!

    Enjoy your wonderful snow while it lasts. We are due for snow tomorrow. Shabbat Shalom! Paula

    • Te'ena says:

      Hi again, Paula! No, I have never tried making homemade marshmallows, but I do have a recipe for it, and really want to try it some time! Let me know if you do it and how it goes! I hope you get snow today! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

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