Waiting for snow.

The build up has been perfect. The expectations are high, as are the excitement levels. School ended early because the snow was said to be right around the corner. So here we are. Waiting for it… this wonderful white stuff to fall from the sky. Where is it? When is it coming? This is the theme of status updates of our Israeli friends right now. And it pretty accurately describes the feeling and atmosphere around here right now.

waiting for snow

We do see something white. But it is mostly hail. Big hail. Fun hail, at least when you look at it safely from inside the house. I have noticed some snow flakes swirling around in the air too, but they have melted as soon as they hit the ground.

white garden

So meanwhile, we watch a movie and eat some popcorn. (*And look who has finished his knitted winter hat just in time!!!)

popcorn and movie

The forecasts promise that the chances are just growing that we will see snow sticking to the ground, and at least tomorrow we should wake up to a white Jerusalem. Let me tell you, – we are looking forward to that!!!


8 thoughts on “Waiting for snow.

  1. Paula Romer says:

    I hope you have a snow day! We had a white Christmas and it was wonderful! Hoping you get to enjoy the beauty of a fallen snow. I love the knitting projects… That’s awesome that you’re teaching your kiddos. Eager to hear if the snow comes! Enjoy your cozy day inside!

  2. hollykaann says:

    I am praying for you to have snow! We had a small bit at Christmas and that was fun.

  3. Roberto Barrios says:

    I am from Guatemala and I read in a newspaper there was snow falling in Jerusalem, then I googled it and found your blog on the first page results. It’s such a beautiful description from a family perspective of the snow fall 🙂

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