Stormy Weather in Jerusalem.

While all over the world you guys have snow and below zero degrees, here in Jerusalem we have had beautiful clear sky winter days where the temperatures wouldn’t drop lower than about 12 degrees or so (Celsius that is).

So when this week came around, and Sunday showed us only 8 degrees, we were all talking about how cold it was! The children came home from school and told that they had been kept inside during the breaks because it was too cold to go outside! That type of thing makes the Norwegian in me really laugh, – because growing up in Norway we were always told to go outside no matter what weather, because fresh air is good for you and you need it! And hello, 8 degrees!?!

Anyway, today, Monday, the temperatures have dropped to 3 degrees, and we have the strongest winds I can remember having had in Jerusalem. Listening to the strong winds outside, we enjoyed hot chocolates for breakfast inside our warm home. Cold and stormy days being such a rarity makes us really want to enjoy them and make the most out of them!

hot chocolate for breakfast

Taking the children to school, I could see several road signs and trees that had been knocked over from the winds. And only when I came back home (*YEAY for home office on days like these!!), did I notice that a big branch of our tree-house-tree had fallen down in our garden!

tree branch fallen down

The various clocks on the microwave-oven and the cooking-stove showed signs of the electricity having been gone for at least part of the night. This is a real storm. And yes, we Jerusalemites are quite excited about it! What we are most excited about of all, are the forecasts of SNOW!!! I had to smile to myself as I listened to the morning news and they encouraged people from other parts of the country to make it up to Jerusalem by Wednesday, so that they could enjoy the snow that may fall here that afternoon!! It is a really big thing, – snow in Jerusalem! May we not be disappointed!! The forecast says we will have around zero degrees temperatures on Wednesday and even minus one on Thursday morning, so there should even be chances of the snow accumulating a little bit. How exciting!!!!!

But yes, it really does feel VERY COLD outside, so these are the expressions my children had on their faces as I said good bye to them at school:

cold weather expressionsAnd my princess asked: – “So, is this what it is like all the time in Norway in the winter???” Up until now it had always sounded so tempting to spend a winter in Norway some time, but it could be that she is about to change her mind…

I shall be back with more updates about how this stormy week develops here in Jerusalem. Meanwhile I will try to get some work done as I keep dreaming of a white Jerusalem!


4 thoughts on “Stormy Weather in Jerusalem.

  1. Enjoy the snow. How often does it snow in Jerusalem – every few years?

  2. Te'ena says:

    I hope so too!! If we really do get some snow, it will be the type that is great for making nice, wet snowballs with! 🙂

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