Nice Life for the Wife.

I am so blessed. Really, I have very good days. And I just need to remember to be thankful for it, and NOT take it all for granted.

Take for example how I get to start my days. I come downstairs, to where my husband has been for a good while already, as he gets up earlier to pray. And every morning he makes me coffee and lights a candle (he knows me and my loves…). So this is what I come downstairs to, or come back in from a run to:

morning coffee

Honey, – I am so thankful for you and our life together!!

So this post is a reminder to us all to notice the little things in our days that are really huge blessings we should be thankful for. Health, – that is a really big one. Family, – people to love and be loved by. A home to care for and enjoy life in. A meaningful life to fill ones days.

Those are all enormous blessings, but there are all kinds of little things during our days that are reminders to be thankful for those huge blessings. Like, – laundry… homework help… dishes to be done – and the list can just go on and on. And really, it is all about attitude, – let’s make all these little things reminders of what we are so thankful to have been blessed with!


7 thoughts on “Nice Life for the Wife.

  1. That is a nice way to wake up.

  2. Janne says:

    “Liker”!!! Liker at du framsnakker din mann, og liker det du skriver om at vi må være takknemlige for alle velsignelsene. Viktig å huske på i det nye året også. Ikke ta alt som en selvfølge.

  3. Beautiful. A good reminder for all of us who find dishes and laundry less than inspiring!

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