For the love of running!

There has certainly been times when I would not have believed you, if you had told me I would come to love running. Not that I was all that inactive, – I have always enjoyed walking and hiking, – but running, it just didn’t seem like it was for me. The pushing yourself. The struggle. The sweating. The hills. It just didn’t seem that enjoyable. And what made me dislike it the most, was the fact that I had to do it for school. So much so, that as I finished high school and thereby my last sports class, I considered signing a document that said I was never going to run again in my life. Well, – never say never…!

Me coming out of Jaffa Gate on my 21.1 K training run earlier today.

Me coming out of Jaffa Gate on my 21.1 K training run earlier today.

Fast forward a few years, and running seemed a lot more fun when no one made me do it. It was actually a great way to just get out some energy. You feel like you move forward fast and efficiently. And at the end of it you feel like you really did something. What a great feeling it is when you sit down to eat something after a shower, you still have that somewhat heavy feeling in your legs that reminds you of the feat you just did, and now you can put your feet up and feel pretty good about yourself!

Fast forward even more, and my husband, who always seemed less into sports activity than me, all of a sudden signed up for a half marathon! What got him into it, was that there would be a first ever international marathon in Jerusalem, and he saw a sign at the university about joining a running group to train for the half marathon, no matter what shape you were in to start with! This is two years ago. And from then on, our family has been into running. It is a before and after type of thing. Our son has done a popular short run of 4.2 kilometers at the two international marathons that have been arranged here in Jerusalem. Last year I did a half marathon. And this year my husband and I are both signed up to run FULL marathons! The way it works out, he is going to run here in Jerusalem, and I will do one two weeks later in Tel Aviv, because this year it is my turn to run with our son, who has advanced to the 10 kilometer distance by now. (Quite impressive, don’t you think? He will be 9 years old by the time the race actually happens.)

Jerusalem Marathon March 25 2011-376

Jerusalem Marathon 2011 (Photo credit: Brian Negin)

So now I am training for a full marathon. It’s even hard for me to believe it… Me?!? A full marathon! What am I thinking??!? This is like, over four hours of running!!! I am just not that type…. Not me. The cozy coffee drinker, chocolate dipper, baker, craft maker, – is all of a sudden taking on a full marathon! How can it be?!?

But actually, I am here to tell you that just about anyone can run a marathon!! If you just put your mind to it! If you want to do it, decide to do it, plan to do it and train for it, – you can do it! One of my mantras is this: “It’s all in the mind.” And really it is! You get tired, and thoughts of quitting starts entering the mind, – but you need to replace those thoughts with thoughts like: “I can do this. I have decided to do this. I am accomplishing something here. I want to do this. Of course I can do this! Why shouldn’t I be able to do this, if others are! Really!!”

The key to successfully running a marathon is together with the mind and decision-thing, a good training plan! It is crucial. I got mine from The guys over there put up great podcasts about running as well. I have gained so much information from them, and they are entertaining and motivating to listen to as well. (You should try it, it’s free!)

my favorite running partner

my favorite running partner

Having a training plan helps me stick with it too. If I was just going to run when it worked out for me to run, I surely wouldn’t have gotten out there during Hanukkah, or when the weather is not all that cooperative, or when there was a war going on and all I wanted to do was staying glued to my TV and computer! Having a training plan helps me not having to decide every day whether to run, how far to run and so on. It is all there for me, and all I have to do is, well, – just to do it! 🙂

The benefits to running are so many! Having a healthy body, living a healthy life style, – it just gives you a better life all around! I feel that after a run in the morning I have more energy for the tasks of the day. And who wouldn’t want that?!


9 thoughts on “For the love of running!

  1. Franziska says:

    Te’ena, you are an extraordinary lady! So encouraging, thank you ! Lots of blessings to you and your family ! Franziska

  2. Maya says:

    Congratulations on being a running family! What a healthy legacy. Hey, I’m impressed your marathon is in 4 hours. Mine are around 5 hours!

    • Te'ena says:

      Well…. I haven’t actually done mine yet… And what I wrote was “over four hours of running”… so I guess that could be around five too! It being my first full marathon, my goal is just to finish. (But I have a secret goal of doing it in under 4 1/2 hours. Don’t tell anyone…! ;))

  3. Unni Osthus says:

    I am impressed of my oldest daughter:-)
    Running a full marathon – I am sure you will make it!!
    I have been out walkong for one hour today.
    A very good experience in the midst of Christmas time.

  4. Janne says:

    WOW!!!! Eg e utrolig imponert!!!! Fytti eg beundre deg Te`ena!!!
    Eg har et mål om å begynna igjen… 2013…nytt år…nye muligheter…!!! 😀 Eg ønske deg masse, masse lykke t mot marathon! Ka tid e det?

    • Te'ena says:

      Takk og takk, Janne! Men eg må sei, – du e jo bare tidenes sporty på alle vis, så eg e sikker på at du allerede e godt i gang! Tel Aviv Marathon e 15. mars, så eg har fremdeles ei go stonn å trena på! 🙂

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