Puzzle pieces falling into place.

This week’s Torah Portion, “VaYigash“, tells about Josef revealing his identity to his brothers. It has certainly been a lot of excitement leading up to this. A lot of mysteries for the brothers to wrap their minds around. So many questions. So few answers. So much difficulty. So much pain.

And then, at the climax of the story, Josef stands in front of them and says two words: “.אני יוסף” – “Ani Yosef.”  – I am Josef. And with these words, – all the questions are instantly answered! All the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. The mystery is solved. It’s like you can feel the relief of everyone involved!

At our weekly Torah Study this evening, we talked about how this picture of Josef, parallels the coming of the Mashiach. When He will say “Ani HaMashiach.” so many questions will be answered, so many puzzle-pieces will fall into place, and the picture will be as clear as it possibly can be. We will all see Him for who He really is!

English: Foggy sunrise in San Francisco and Bu...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What a great, great moment that will be!!!


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