Let the Light shine!

Here we are, post-Hanukkah… Hard to believe. Even harder to accept. We looked forward to Hanukkah, prepared for Hanukkah, – and now we are on the other side of the whole thing! It is over. All that’s left to do is clean off the hanukkiot and put them back in the box, to stay there till next year.

But then again, the holiday is not only about decorations, sufganiot and beautiful moments. The heart of Hanukkah is Light and Miracles, – and that focus should stay with us also after the holiday! Every year it hits me with all its beauty and symbolism how the shamash, the servant candle, the ninth candle on the hanukkiah, gives of its fire and flame and lights the other candles.lighting the hanukkiah

Even though this candle is called the servant, it is actually given the most special, and in most cases elevated, spot on the hanukkiah.hanukkiah

This Light, which brings of its light to others, – is the Mashiach! And the other candles, symbolize us, the people. And we are to be lit by Him! This is the essence of our calling! To be a light to the nations! Oh, may we be faithful to our calling! May we let the Light of the Mashiach shine clearly through our lives! May this be especially true now that we come out of this wonderful holiday of Hanukkah, the holiday Lights!

The name Hanukkah, means Dedication, – this is the Feast of Dedication (of Beit HaMikdash, the Temple). Again, the symbolism is so deep, – may our lives be dedicated to HaShem, may we live for Him and His purposes!


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