Hanukkah HighLIGHTs.

eight night of hanukkahWell, here I sit. It’s the eight night of Hanukkah. And I keep on re-lighting the hanukkiot in some sort of desperate attempt to keep the holiday lights for a little longer. The kids are happily building their lego-models that they received in their Hanukkah-gifts tonight. My husband is entertaining us all with various Hanukkah You Tube Clips. I sip my hot cider with a little bit of red wine in it. The brightness of the candles is absolutely stunning.

I want to just hold on to this moment. This moment is going to become one of those memories that will be dear to me forever. The really wonderful times in life.

Holiday. Family. Home. Love. Traditions. Moments. Memories. 

I have so much to be thankful for!eight night of hanukkah

The seventh night of Hanukkah was Erev Shabbat, so we lit the Hanukkiot before sunset, before Shabbat came in. This is what our Shabbat table looked like this week:seventh night of hanukkah

On the sixth night of Hanukkah, we hosted our big Hanukkah party, where we had about forty guests here in our home, and abba made latkes/levivot of about ten kilos of potatoes! Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of him doing it, as I was kind of busy with other things (read: making home made sufganiot, apple sauce, hanukkah sugar cookies, hot apple cider etc. etc.) But here is a picture of him lighting one of our outside oil-hanukkiot on this last night of Hanukkah:abba lighting hanukkiah outside

After we had lit and watched and enjoyed our very many lit hanukkiot in our home on this last night of Hanukkah, we made another trip down to the old city to also there enjoy the beauty of the full hanukkiot. What a privilege to be able to make such a trip spontaneously! Old City Hanukkah Street

Here is a photo of our children by the hanukkiah at the Western Wall:

Western Wall Hanukkiah

On the way home we picked up the very best sufganiot, with flavors such as creme brûlée, tiramisu and black forest.photo-232

Well at home we re-lit a hanukkiah once again, and here I sit full of thankfulness for being able to celebrate Hanukkah in Yerushalayim.Hanukkiah at Jaffa Gate


4 thoughts on “Hanukkah HighLIGHTs.

  1. hollykaann says:

    What a wonderful time! Such a beautiful celebration.

  2. Paula Romer says:

    Te’ena… I’ve loved following your holiday posts! What sn amazing collection of Channukiot you have. The Pictures of them all lit at the same time is stunning! I loved the pictures of your beautiful children in the dim light of the menorahs. What treasures. You are blessed!
    It is always a bit sad when the holiday is over. Even though Christmas time is a season… I’m always a bit let down on December 26 when it’s all over. But I always leave my decorations up through Janurary 6 for Ephipany. Thanks for sharing your Hanukkah journey with us. Paula

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