Wrapped Hanukkah Gifts.

Hanukkah pocket-wallhanging

It is the last day of school before Hanukkah vacation. And I am at home working on high gear, having fun getting everything ready. The wrapping of the Hanukkah Gifts for the kids is something I always greatly enjoy. We don’t get them big gifts, it is mostly craft things, like paints and beads and stuff like that. And just the fact that they are wrapped, makes the whole thing more exciting and like a present. And in the end we have something fun to do during their vacation from school!

A few years ago I made a convenient sort of wallhanging with pockets to hold the gifts for the eight nights of Hanukkah. The excitement is great every year when we bring it out for Hanukkah, and hang it on it’s place. I just love all these family traditions that repeat themselves, and make up a big part of what makes our home what it is.

Hanukkah gifts

Now, this may be surprising to some of you, but even though we live in Israel, the stores do not provide you with Hanukkah-themed wrapping paper when you purchase your gifts. So, what do you do, when those things actually matter a bit to you?! Several years ago we were given some nice Hanukkah wrapping paper from friends in the States, and that has been used and used again. I was still able to wrap a few of the gifts with that paper, but since we are talking eight nights of gifts here, it just wasn’t enough. So, – here is what I did; I just turned the wrapping paper from the store around to the other side, and decorated it to my liking! And it was fun too! (I plan on doing this again with the kids when they will wrap their gifts for the grandparents, for example.)Hanukkah wrapping paperAs we came home from school, it took them about half a second to notice that the gifts had been placed in their pockets, and let’s just say the Hanukkah-joy and excitement is definitely here!

Joy and excitementBy the way, I have been to the store and gotten even more chocolate, and this house is slowly turning into a chocolate factory majoring on chocolate spoons. Along with this I am mass producing Hanukkah Cards, and have had the joy to give out a few of these little sweet bags already.

photo-174Shabbat is coming, and I have challot and chicken soup going here along with the Hanukkah preparations. Good times! This week’s Torah Portion starts with telling us that Jacob settled in the Land, and reading that sentence, I again feel so joyful and extremely THANKFUL that we get to also LIVE here and SETTLE here in the Land of our inheritance! We are so privileged! I am looking forward to celebrating Hanukkah here in Israel were what we are celebrating really happened!


10 thoughts on “Wrapped Hanukkah Gifts.

  1. Hadassah says:

    You are quite amazing dear friend!! I love your ideas… and your blog! Inspiring!! Shabbat Shalom!

  2. elishevadee says:

    beautiful photos and I love the Chanukah gift-holder idea!

  3. Edel Gunn says:

    Så flott å lese igjen dine skriverier! Har savnet dem i Dagen:) Shabbat shalom 🙂

    • Te'ena says:

      Takk for oppmuntrande ord, Edel Gunn! Eg saknar på ein måte Dagen litt, eg også, så eg er glad eg har bloggen! Kjekt at du fann vegen hit! 🙂

  4. hollykaann says:

    I love to read about your family and the Jewish Holidays and traditions. I wish you all a very happy Hanukkah!

  5. Paula Romer says:

    Chag Sameach, friend! Best wishes for a blessed Hannukah. I love your gift holder. So creative! I love your chocolate spoons and beautiful gift cards. what fun. Have a blessed holiday! Paula

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