The week before Hanukkah.

hanukkah is coming

I am looking forward to Hanukkah that starts in the very beginning of next week. The children will be home from school. No rushed mornings. No afternoons filled with homework. Lots of time to just be together. Enjoying the moments together. Making memories together.

But even so, I really enjoy this week too. The week before Hanukkah.

I have decorated for the holiday, which for me is a great highlight. Most of our hanukkiot are out, along with lots and lots of candles for this Holiday of Lights, and a whole lot of sevivonim, dreidels, in all kinds of different styles and shapes. As soon as we come home in the afternoon, we put on some hanukkah-music and light some candles, and just enjoy it all. And after we are done with the homework, we like doing little hanukkah-crafts of various kinds, making the most of this very special time of the year.


I try to get most of my shopping for Hanukkah done this week. It is already pretty crazy out there, when it comes to lines, traffic, parking and such. So I just tell myself it will get even worse next week, and I will want to avoid it then. So I stock up, and try to think of everything we may need for our Hanukkah-parties, birthday party for our princess who is turning seven, little gifts for family and friends, and so on. And really, I do enjoy this, getting everything ready, looking forward to, preparing in expectation of what is coming.

cookie cutters

Also, this week before Hanukkah, I try to treat myself to a good amount of “me-time”. With the house all decorated, it is so nice to take a moment and sit down and enjoy the quiet and beauty of it all. I love to sit and read, think, pray, write and just BE. I want to think through what Hanukkah really means to me, to our family, to our people, – what is the meaning behind what we are celebrating, why it is we are doing what we are doing. I find that when I have given myself a good amount of this type of times this week, I am so much more ready to make the most of all the excitement that is waiting for us next week!

heart cookie cutters

The photos in this post are of a hanukkah-gift I got for myself as I was out on one of my little shopping trips… A very cute cookie cutter-set, that just really makes me want to bake cookies with and for those around me. 🙂


One thought on “The week before Hanukkah.

  1. Franziska says:

    Thank you so much Te’ena for sharing !

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