Chocolate spoons.

Our family is quite into hot chocolate in the fall and winter. The coziness of stirring a mug of steaming hot chocolate. The deliciousness of it. MMMmmmm. The best way to make it is of course to just heat milk, and then add real chocolate. And then to just keep on adding the chocolate… Yum!

I have always been into melted chocolate. If any of my high school friends read this, they will remember how I loved dipping chocolate in coffee as I ate it. It just brings out the best of flavor, in my humble opinion.

chocolate spoons at Hanukkah

Anyway, all that said, just to explain my interest in chocolate spoons. What a perfect way to stir your coffee! Or your hot milk!! I heard about them, then saw them in the store, – just to decide they were too expensive, and the chocolate will taste the same even if it is not shaped like a spoon, – and hey, I was going to melt it anyway… Still, it was a neat idea. Really encouraged dipping your chocolate in a hot drink. I liked it.

So, when I came across this little mould for making chocolate spoons myself, for only 10 shekels (about 2,5 dollars), the decision came easily! Another Hanukkah-gift for myself. But again something that can be used to make gifts for others with. (When I showed the children what I had bought, one thought it was an interesting ice cube tray and the other one thought it was a weird cupcake-tray… Guess which one was the girl and which the boy?!)

chocolate and mould

At my next supermarket trip I picked up a bunch of milk chocolate, and today I had the joy of trying the whole thing out. And, walla, what success! So easy. So quick. I just melted the chocolate in the microwave, poured it in the moulds, put the whole thing in the freezer until hardened and then easily removed my chocolate spoons from the mould. This process had to be repeated! (I should have bought more than one tray of course!) When something goes well, you do it more than once! So, I repeated this process six times.

chocolate spoons

This is something I have after my mom. The mass-producing-thing. (She for sure would have bought at least two trays!) When I grew up she would have baking days when she baked breads and rolls etc of let’s say 10 kilos of flour. No exaggeration. She still bakes a lot, but as an empty nester, the need for mass-production is not as pressing. (So she invites the neighbors over for her baking days! Really, she does!)

Anyway, so I learned from her to mass produce. And I like it. It is efficient. It is convenient, you don’t have to do the dishes between every time, you are already doing it, you have everything right there. And you get a lot done.

chocolate spoon gift

I am planning on attaching a bag of chocolate spoons to a homemade (still to be made…) Hanukkah-card as a little gift to several of my friends. It is just something little, but still, it is nice to have something to give, to show that you thought of them, to encourage them a little, to give them something sweet to stir their hot drink with… to add even more sweetness and enjoyment to the Hanukkah-experience. Yupp, I’m happy with it.


7 thoughts on “Chocolate spoons.

  1. Midge Blatt says:

    Did you use your favorite chocolate? Harvey’s favorite is milk chocolate and so, naturally, I like the dark chocolate. But then there is the one with mint added that is soooo good too. Life is wonderful, isn’t it? And what a wonderful Father we have that gives us such variety!

    • Te'ena says:

      My favorite chocolate is Norwegian milk chocolate, and I don’t have enough of it here to mass produce chocolate spoons with it… But the Israeli milk chocolate is not bad either, neither is the dark chocolate! I agree with you, – life is wonderful! I hope to see you during Hanukkah, so that I can give you a little bag of chocolate spoons! 😉

  2. Franziska says:

    wonderful! I will go into Vienna and look for these spoon-tray !

    • Te'ena says:

      I hope you find them, Franziska, and that you will enjoy them as much as I do mine! I’m sure you will have great success with a nice european chocolate. I am thinking to maybe try to make some with white chocolate too, and some with dark, – and maybe mixed!? Fun and yummy all the way!

  3. Janne says:

    Sååå kjekk gave, og så god idè! Eg ska òg leida itte sånne: 😉
    Og ang. mor di sin masseproduksjon av bl.a. gjærbakst… Eg e fleire ganger blitt velsigna med dei!!! Nam-nam. Gud velsigne Unni for hennas gavmildhet!!!
    Hanukkah- og førjulsklem fra Fogn ❤

  4. You are so clever! These look gorgeous 🙂

  5. Paula Romer says:

    Im a bit belated in replying to this blog posts…I’m behind on my email in-box.
    These are the cutest little spoons ever! I wish I could find a mould like that. I’m sure your friends were delighted to receive such a fun treat attached to one of your beautiful Hannukah gift tags. They turned out beautiful. I love how the Father cares about the little things that bring us joy… And how you loved the store bought spoons… And then you came across the mould. The little things are truly what make life special.

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