Moving on and continuing to build.

It’s been a long day. A lot of traveling. A lot of buses. A lot of people. A lot of blessings and beautiful moments.

I left home before the rest of the family had even had breakfast, and got on my way to Haifa, on buses. The purpose of the trip was to help new immigrant families through a benevolence program I work with. (*This seems to be the week where I am introducing my blog-readers to my various jobs! Must be because I love the normal every day life so much this week…) I met up with twelve different families, and they were each blessed with a needed basic appliance, be it a washing machine, a refrigerator or a cooking stove. After being done with business, I got together with a dear friend in Haifa, – making my day all the more wonderful!

On the bus on my way back home to Jerusalem, I was quite tired, and just enjoyed relaxing, looking at the scenery and letting my thoughts drift off. First there was the sea, – oh, how I LOVE the sea! The endlessness of it, the waves, the beauty! There were also the banana-trees, and all the other types of fruit-trees along the way. And in between the trees, this lovely green, green grass, – a sign of the life giving rain that God has blessed us with. As I looked at all the planted and built areas, I thought of how much the state of Israel has been built and planted and invested in since its birth in 1948.  So many people have given their life to building this country, and this is still happening! We get to take part in it! What a privilege!

It is surreal to think of the war last week. Last Tuesday we sat in our bomb shelters in Jerusalem. When I put the children to bed a week ago, they asked what would happen if the air raid siren would go off while we are asleep. Would we wake up? Would I wake them up, if they didn’t wake up by it? That same week I would only put in one of my head-phone-pieces as I listened to music during my runs, just to make sure I would not miss the siren… Quite some days. And then all of a sudden we have moved on, so very quickly. And instead of really working through what we went through, we are so busy catching up on all the stuff we did not get done because of the war to really dwell much on it. And maybe that is just healthy, to move on, to live normal, busy days. That may be the best way to deal with it after all. Just to move on, and continue to build.

The bus was making its way up the hills to Jerusalem. I love taking in the view of the mountain-tops of Jerusalem and the hills surrounding it. It was late in the afternoon, and the clouds were low over the mountains. At some places it looked as if the clouds were even touching the hills, – and it became a beautiful picture of the connection between the Jerusalem above and the earthy Jerusalem. Those connections are very exciting to think about, and I pray that God will open our eyes to see more and more of them! And may we even be used as tools in His Hand to make some of those connections come about and happen!


2 thoughts on “Moving on and continuing to build.

  1. Angelina Ha (Mrs) says:

    I’ve been to Jerusalem many times and even stay there for over two months. I miss the city so much, that every time I read your blog, I can just relate myself to the life, the places and the people that you describe. Bless you and your family. Angelina from Hong Kong.

  2. Te'ena says:

    Thank you for this encouraging comment, Angelina! Blessings to Hong Kong from Jerusalem!

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