Feeling blessed.

Oh, how lovely normal life seems right now! Being a whole family again. Routines. Roles. Everyone doing their own normal things. Every day life. I love it!

One of my jobs is to sell DVDs of a tour my tour guide mother in law has done of Israel (*anyone interested can go to the website http://www.lpv.co.il), and today I met up with a group from Singapore and sold them some DVDs. This is something I do often, but this group was special, and they are here at such a special time. I was there with my husband and kids, because we were on our way to somewhere else, and the group really wanted to bless us. So they got up, and wanted to sing us a song. And not just any song, – they sung us the Aaronic blessing – in Hebrew! – Yevarechecha Adonai ve yishmerecha…. May the Lord bless you and keep you… 

I stood there, with one hand on each of my dear children, my husband next to me, and all these Singaporeans in front of us blessing us in Hebrew! And at such a time as this! It became one of those moments… where I just feel so very blessed, so very blessed to be here, living my life right here in Israel! Yes, it is intense! Yes, it has its price! But, wow, is it worth it! We live a rich and blessed life! And I am so thankful for it!!!

I still hear the airplanes practicing above us, the helicopters on the look out for any suspicious thing or activity, I notice the heightened security on the streets of Jerusalem. We still talk about the bomb shelter experiences, the siren going off is still a part of the children’s roleplaying. But at the same time, – we get  to live our lives HERE! In the Promised Land! In the Land of our forefathers! Where it all began! I get to raise my children in the city where King David once reigned! I get to live my every day life in the Land people for hundreds of years only dreamt about, sung about, prayed for… We get to be part of building and defending this land and nation! I feel so privileged! So blessed!

And this is the way I have felt about Israel for as long as I have lived here, – it is intense, the challenges are bigger than I have felt them other places, but so are the blessings!! You really get to FEEL that you are alive here. There is no sort of lukewarm existence… It is really good, really hard, really meaningful, – a blessed life!


2 thoughts on “Feeling blessed.

  1. I am happy to hear that you and your family are doing well. I applaud you for counting the blessings instead of burdens. You truly know what it means to live in a place of thanksgiving!

  2. Te'ena says:

    Thank you for reading and for leaving such an encouraging comment! Also, – reading your blog has several times put a smile on my face! Thank you! 🙂

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