Cookie making and Air Raid Siren.

As part of our “cozy afternoons-program”, we today made sugar-cookies together. We had lots of fun with it, sticking out some Hanukkah-shapes, and some letter-shapes. Our little girl always wants to write all the different variations of her name with letter-cookies. In the middle of this, we all of a sudden hear the air raid siren going off… In Jerusalem!! This is pretty big! A first for us who were not here Friday! Because of the children, I stay remarkably calm (if I can say so myself), and just say; “Ah, listen to that, it is the siren. So let’s go to the bomb shelter.” Within seconds we are all behind closed doors in our bomb shelter. I thought I heard the sound of an explosion, but decided it must be something else, and certainly did not mention anything to the kids.

Inside our bomb shelter during a real air raid siren today

We stay inside the bomb shelter for about ten minutes, and then return to our cookie making. I just have to smile of the children who sort of look around as we come upstairs, seemingly surprised and relieved that everything is still the same. And they say; – good thing the rocket didn’t destroy our house, it would have broken the cookies… (By the way, the rocket landed near an arab village not far from here, so I could have heard the explosion.)

Our big boy is very focused on a project he has going with the letter-shapes, and when he is done, he lets us see what he made, and he has written out the words: Am Yisrael Chai! Meaning, – the People of Israel Lives! What a great message to come out of the bomb shelter with!

They are trying to destroy us, to break us, – but they are not going to manage! We are going to stay alive and thriving! Because God has promised us a future and a hope!!


4 thoughts on “Cookie making and Air Raid Siren.

  1. janneaanobo says:

    Wow… både til sirenen og Jonathan`s ord…

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