Life in Israel these days.

The small-talk in the line at the supermarket this morning, was uniquely Israeli. Everyone had someone in their near family who had been called up to fight for our country right now. You could see in their eyes some of what they are going through these days. Several were mothers who had sent their sons out to war again, for one this was the first time. There was talk of sleepless nights. And we talked about how all Israel is praying the psalms for our soldiers.

I find life pretty intense right now, to tell you the truth. The constant news broadcasts on the TV screens. The pictures of rockets flying, the pictures of destroyed houses, of running children. All the discussions on said new broadcasts being interrupted every time there is a siren in one of our cities. The “constant-ness” of all of it, whatever you are doing, you are all the time thinking of what is going on, breathing prayers. The knowledge that my own husband, the father of my children, is out there in the midst of it all. I find myself starting to cry real easily. Of course when you hear of someone being injured or something like that it is natural, but I get teary-eyed from all the wonderful support on Facebook from all over the world too! Or just from seeing on the TV screen the phone number one should call to get help to cope with trauma. (Just think of the masses in need of that right now!)

I am so amazingly proud of my country. I see people in Sderot dancing in the streets with Israeli flags, to show that Am Yisrael Chai! This is the type of people we are! Not wanting to be portrayed as poor victims, but rather as alive and happy, building a country. I watched as they asked a man living in Sderot if they were still afraid when the sirens go off and they are running for the bomb shelters, or if they had just gotten used to the situation. He answered that as long as you are alive, there will be a level of fear in those situations, but the important thing is to not let that fear paralyze you. Again, – this is the people of Israel, – keeping on keeping on in spite of everything!

Shelter in Sderot, Israel

Shelter in Sderot, Israel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I hear of how our leaders are weighing back and forth weather or not to attack specific places in Gaza. It seems we have already destroyed the shooting platforms that did not carry as heavy a risk of hurting innocent civilians. Now, we have to move to the next level, and take care of those that are in more populated areas. First, Israel in various ways sent messages to civilians in Gaza to keep a distance from all Hamas activity, for their own safety. And still, our leaders are considering each specific place, where is the highest risk of loss of civilians, – in us destroying the building that houses the shooting platform, or in us leaving it there and them being able to continue to shoot at our civilians?

Leaflets like these were dropped over Gaza to tell people to stay away from Hamas activity.

In times like these I am proud of being Israeli! I am proud of being part of the people who cares for the civilians of our enemies! I am proud to be part of the people who pray psalms in unity in times of need!

Yes, life is intense. Yes, I am glad times are not always like this. But, at the same time, these are building times of growth, of bonding, of meaning, – and most of all those are times when we really learn to trust in the God of Israel, and His everlasting promises to us!


5 thoughts on “Life in Israel these days.

  1. Ulli says:

    My freind,
    May the peace of God, which is higher than our understanding, be with you!

  2. I certainly have Israel and the situation there on my mind. this is true of so many people I know – many of whom are also saying extra tehillim. You are not alone. Also, you should be proud – you live in an amazing country.
    May your husband and all those serving in the IDF come home safe and victorious.

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