“Deja vu”

We are always home for Shabbat. Just about. With a few exceptions. This Shabbat happened to be one of the few exceptions. We were down at the Dead Sea and spent Shabbat with some wonderfully sweet relatives who are visiting there from Norway.

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Well, as soon as our phones were back on after Shabbat was over, the idyllic bubble of Dead Sea Life was broken, and all of our focus went to how to get our soldier ready for the army once again. As quickly as possible. For active duty this time. When we made it home, we found that army representatives had even been knocking on our door, leaving a note to prove that they had been here…

The fact that the army bag had not been put away yet, (considering that our soldier only came back from the army two days ago), made the process of getting him ready pretty quick. He changed into the army uniform that was still on the line, but all dry, while I packed a bag with different home made goodies like cookies and muffins, – good thing we are normally pretty well stocked…

As we say our good byes, and I watch him go out the door, I have this deja vu feeling. We were in this situation less than a week ago! Who would have known we would repeat it again so soon?!

The soldier himself is actually thankful to get to take part in the defense of Israel. (He would not like to be left out when 75 000 other Israeli soldiers were called up…) For me…well… As I had just sat down for a moment here after all the hectic activity of the evening, someone wrote and asked how I was doing. And I stopped to feel for a moment, – how am I doing… And I don’t even know. All I know is that I am breathing prayers with every breath, day and night.

The truth is I feel that I also have an important role right now. As the evening was unfolding and it became clear that abba was going back to the army, it was noticeable that the children’s sense of peace was on shaky ground… Our 8 year old mentioned that he did not like the thought of someone out there hating him so much they wanted him dead, and there were several questions as to what abba was going to out there. And I felt a very clear calling as to my role these days. I need to be a stabilizing factor for our children. I need to create a sense of normalcy around our days. And I will make it my goal to convey a real peace from above, that we can share together. We will keep on praying for the situation; for protection for our soldiers in general, and for abba in particular. And we will pray for great wisdom, vision and courage for our leaders, and for God‘s Hand of protection to be over our Land and People.

The literal home-front is also an important place to take good care of these days. Those little ones need us so much at times like these. They pick up on a whole lot and are so full of questions. May we have wisdom from above to answer them truthfully but on a level that they can cope with, live with. And may God keep fear and anxiety far away from us all!


6 thoughts on ““Deja vu”

  1. Faster says:

    Så mange ‘ulike verdenar’ på eit lite område og på kort tid…… Men Gud forandrar seg IKKJE…….. Er med og ber…..

  2. janneaanobo says:

    Vi ber!!!
    Ungene her også spør masse om dere og om krigen. De er urolige for Seth.. De tenker masse på hvordan Becca og Jonathan har det.. Må Far i himmelen di dem og deg fred – fred som overgår all forstand!
    Må Gud veldigne deg Te`ena, som er slik en GOD mor for dem!

    Klem fra Janne og gjengen

  3. Paula Romer says:

    Te’ena… I didn’t even have a chance to respond to your last blog post about Seth being home-and now you post that he’s called up again! I’m watching the news right now-sitting in disbelief and crying. Obviously things are escalating and the need to protect and defend yourself is inevitable. We are orating for Seth’s safety and all the soldiers of the IDF and for all the people if Israel.
    Please know we are praying for you all daily-as your magnet on our fridge is a reminder multiple times a day to pray for you.
    I’m glad you had a few days to be together again as a family before Seth was called up again. I will pray for supernatural strength and peace for you as you keep the home fires burning. May the Lord give you wisdom as you inform and yet sheild your precious children from this difficult reality. May the God of Israel be your sword and sheild-your rear and right guard-and your defender! Love you guys! Paula

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