The laundry after army duty.

Of all the laundry that I do, – this is my favorite; my husbands uniform. Because it means that he has come home. He is done with army duty for a while. Through the years I have gotten used to the fact that he goes once a year. For our first years of marriage it was often a month at a time, but lately it has been shorter. Every time, he comes home and basically dumps the content of his bag in the laundry room, where I am more than happy to take over. Because he is home. Our family is whole. And all I want is to be there for him, to let him enjoy the comforts of home. And I get the laundry done, possibly mend something on the uniform, and put it away. That is the best part, – the putting it away. Until next time.

Right now though, everything is a little different. The thing is, I have to get the laundry and the mending and everything done, not just so that we can put it away, -but so that it will be ready soon, – because next time can come any time…

The first day of Operation Cloud Pillar one thousand reserve soldiers were called up. On the second day three israeli civilians were killed, the sirens went off more than three hundred times, and the rockets came as far as to the Tel Aviv area. Now we are in the third day of this operation, and they are talking about calling up thirty tbousand reserve soldiers. Chances are big that my own soldier will be among those thirty thousand. He hopes so. Because he wants to be out there fighting for the country he loves. He wants to take his part, defending the Jewish people in the land of Israel. My feelings are more mixed. But hey, – at least they are mixed!! 

Yesterday afternoon I went for a run in the streets of Jerusalem, my heart full of joy that my soldier was home. And I felt the world smiling at me again. It was good to get out in the sunshine and fresh air, and get a little bit of a break from the constant news broadcasts. I was encouraged seeing happy faces around me, – people enjoying the afternoon at a sidewalk cafe, other people out for a stroll or a run. But then, as I passed a bus stop, I noticed a young soldier there, next to him was a large stuffed duffel-bag. And all I could think of was his family, those who had just said good bye to him, who had had to deal with the fact that he had been called up, who now will be thinking of him as they stay glued to the news broadcasts and check all the updates. Oh, I pray for all of our soldiers out there! But I also pray for their families! Their children, their spouses, their parents, their siblings – who all get this war on the inside of their skin, in spite of not really being out there on the front lines physically.

As I sit here and write, the news broadcast is on of course. And just now they say that sixteen thousand reserve soldiers have been called up already. Ok, – the uniform will soon be dry… should the call up get to this house again…


8 thoughts on “The laundry after army duty.

  1. Hadassah says:

    Praying for you and your Soldier….

  2. Bodhild B. Aase says:

    Thankyou…Praying….Shabbat shalom!

  3. hollykaann says:

    My family is praying for your family and your country.

  4. Cathrine Pedersen says:

    Herren velsigne Israel. tenkjer på deg og fam.

  5. Te'ena says:

    Thank you all of you for your comments and most of all for your prayers!

  6. janneaanobo says:

    Takk for at du tar deg til til oss… Vi ber!

  7. Such a moving post – wishing you many safe days ahead.

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