How can we?

As I went through my pretty normal day today, this question kept coming back to me, – how can we just do this? How can I just do, and even enjoy, a morning run, when I know that one hour away my fellow citizens are running to the bomb shelters?!

How can I sit at my desk and deal with regular paperwork, when I know that my country is basically at war? In the middle I speak on the phone with someone from Sderot, then with a friend from Ashkelon. This seems like a more sensible thing to be doing on a day like today. Both places are under strong rocket fire. Both of the women I spoke with are mothers. So I ask how the children are doing. Well, how do I expect that they are doing?? My own children can loose sleep over just hearing about such things as these children have to live with! No one grows up in Ashkelon or Sderot unaffected of the fact that they living under constant threat of rocket fire from Gaza, of hearing the siren over and over again and having to run to the nearest bomb shelter! In the last twenty four hours, close to eighty rockets were fired from Gaza and landed in Israel. Stop and think about that for a moment! That is more than three an hour…

Qassam-Rockets in Sderot

Qassam-Rockets in Sderot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I heat up chicken soup for the children as they come home from school, and it feels like a way too normal thing to do in such abnormal circumstances. Then to sit and do homework with them, – how can I? And the whole time knowing that my husband, the abba of these children, is dressed in an IDF uniform and doing heavy exercises somewhere out there in the fields. We keep on hearing airplanes and helicopters above us, not letting us for one second forget the type of situation we are under. But still, we keep going through our day. Evening meal. Baths. Bedtime stories. Prayers. All so normal, – how can we? But then again, – how can we not??

This evening I listen to a speech by our prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who says that one million of our citizens are under fire, and that is an unacceptable situation, which we are going to do something about.

But what made the biggest impression on my day, was when my friend from Ashkelon very encouraged shared with me that she had just a couple of minutes before seen a rainbow in the sky! And she took it as a sign from God! He is reminding us that He is faithful to His promises!!!

Rainbow in Israel

Rainbow in Israel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the reason we keep going. Because we know that God is faithful to His promises! He has not brought us this far, just to abandon us here! He has plans for future and hope! And we just have to keep going. We have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep going through the normal things of the normal days. Keep putting our hope in Him! Because He is forever faithful!


2 thoughts on “How can we?

  1. Hello Te’ena, I’ve been getting your daily blogs and have to admit, just halfway paying full attention to them. The one yesterday, caught my eye as you spoke about the Torah. At my church, we are studying the old testament and the importance of the Torah. Today, with your blog, I have read it several times, with amazement on what you are writing. I hope you and your family are safe and okay. I look forward to your blog tomorrow.

  2. Janne says:

    Dette er utrolig lesestoff… Ufattelig for oss her hjemme… På stille Fogn…!
    Løftenes Gud holder sin beskyttende hånd over dere og over Det Hellig Land! Takk og lov, men like vel…dere er jo som oss andre… bekymrede mødre og fedre… med ansvar for barn dere vil beskytte mot vonde ting. Må Far i himmelen beskytte barnesinnet, og velsigne dere for at dere legger byrdene på Hans skuldre!

    “I fred vil jeg legge meg ned og sove. For du, Herre, du lar meg bo for meg selv i trygghet.” Salme 4,9

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