No, it is not me who is not feeling well. It is my son, poor one. Yesterday evening, after we came home from the afternoon-activity where we did the fun fall leaf craft I told you about, he complained about feeling sort of under the weather. And sure enough, when we measured his temperature, we found he had a fever.

When my children have the flu, they are so thankful just to enjoy the comforts of home. Last night he said that lying on the couch was the best experience he had had his whole life… Oh, well. At least we understand that there was nowhere else he would rather be than right there…. And I suspect he might have exaggerated a little, just to convince me to let him stay on the couch also after bed-time, which I did. He slept a feverish sleep, very light, waking up easily. And so he stayed on the couch the whole night. Together with my husband, who was there with his four different screens following the US election as closely as he could from so far away… 😉 (*And I think that is as far as I will go in my discussion of the elections.)

Today I am again very thankful for my home office and flexible work situation, which makes it pretty easy to work around the children’s sick-days. When they are sick, they are normally so knocked out that they really don’t demand that much anyway. He stayed there on the couch, sometimes under the blanket, sometimes sweating without a blanket, depending if his fever was on its way up or down. When he had the energy for it, he watched a movie. And I would bring him glasses of lemonade or cups of hot chocolate, and at times sit next to him to hug and comfort and just be cozy. But most of the time I was dealing with paperwork, lots of paperwork, which I actually made great progress with today.

For the phone calls I had to put the movie on pause though. Didn’t think “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” as background noise would give such a professional impression… 😉 I am really glad my work situation allows this kind of flexibility. Because I so want to be there for my children. My calling as their mother is way higher than my calling to work, as I see it.

Meanwhile I eat oranges so as to fill up on vitamin C, to stay strong and healthy myself…


One thought on “Sick-day.

  1. Sorry to hear your son is feeling sick. But I am glad to learn that your work schedule is flexible enough for you to stay home. There is nothing like a mother’s touch when a child has the flu. That, and lots of oranges! 🙂

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