Fall Leaves Craft

Can you believe it, – we had RAIN last night!!! And when I went out for my early morning run, the air was so nice and fresh! There was the smell of “after rain”, and everything seemed less dusty. It was really refreshing! The temperatures are still pretty high, but it certainly feels like we made a step in the direction of fall. So, – today seemed a very fitting day for our “fall leaf craft“.

It is a very simple and easy craft, and you only need:

leaves, paper and colored pencils.

First I gave each of the children a bag to collect leaves in. For this craft, the color of the leaf is not so important, but it is best if the leaves are not too dry and crispy, but rather sort of fresh. And it is fun if you can find leaves of different shape and size.

Then, after having a good collection of leaves, we went inside where we got to start the actual craft.

You put a leaf under your sheet of paper (which should be regular relatively thin paper), and you color on top of the paper (with the leaf underneath) with colored pencils. And, look what happens! It is like magic! The shape and pattern of your leaf comes through!!!

We had a good group of children doing this today, and there was complete silence in the room as they all really concentrated on this craft! It also worked very well for different age-groups. (We had kids from age 4 – 10.)

We made large posters, and wrote “Welcome” or rather ברוכים הבאים or “Bruchim Habaim” in Hebrew, with the plan to decorate our doors with them. But you could do all kinds of things with this, – greeting cards, wrapping paper, name-cards for your Thanksgiving table, and much more!

I hope you’ll have fun with it, and that it will encourage us all to enjoy the fall-season and the beauty of the Creation around us!


4 thoughts on “Fall Leaves Craft

  1. Sonja says:

    Så koselige det såg ut ! 🙂

  2. janneaanobo says:

    Så koselig ja! Husker godt at vi gjordet det da vi var små! 🙂 Har faktisk aldri… (:-/) gjort det med mine egne… Uff da! Nå er vel kanskje bladene her hjemme gått i oppløsning… Må ut å sjekke i morgen! 😉 …Dersom de ikke er fløyet helt ned til dere da… ja for her BLÅSER det stikker og strå!!! :-0

  3. janneaanobo says:

    PS! Registrere på bildet fra parken(?) at det ikke er tilfeldige plastikkposer barna har fått utdelt…!! Du er helt utrolig!!! Tenk bladmotiv på flotte papp(?) “poser” … 😀 Wow! Her blir det nok brukt “Joker”poser!! 😀

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