Keeping the Covenant.

The mix of emotions is quite overwhelming. You hear the shrieking cry of the eight day old baby boy, and he is not the only one in the room that is shedding  a tear! At the same time the room is filled with awe of the miracle that has just taken place. It is not quite the birth, but in certain ways, it is very similar. There is a new beginning. This little person has just become part of our people.

And as is said as part of the blessings: …this little one, – may he become great! 

While we are witnessing what is going on in this very physical world, something is most definitely also happening in the spiritual world. We as a people are being obedient to the Torah commandment to circumcise our eight day old boy, and God, who is forever faithful, is certainly doing His part as well!

Brit Milah

Brit Milah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that around the world, circumcision of baby boys has become increasingly controversial. However, here in Israel, the opposite would be true; – if you were to not circumcise your eight day old baby boy… let’s just say, – there would be a lot of questions asked!

The main motivation for us to do it, is of course because God tells us in His Word to do so. But just as a side note, – it is said to have great health benefits as well. This should not come as any surprise to us, – why wouldn’t the Creator of all things know what is good for His people?

The very name for circumcision in Hebrew, – brit mila, very clearly speaks about the covenant that is here being kept between God and His people.

So it was a joyous occasion to be part of the circumcision ceremony of the new baby boy of dear friends of ours this morning. Although, the mother, who has several boys already, told me it gets harder every time… I guess you know more what you are going to, and you are sensitive to all the little cues along the way… But really, it all goes very, very fast, and before you know it, the baby is sucking on that little cloth dipped in sweet wine, looking ever so content! And the relief in the room is also quite tangible! 🙂

May there be many more happy occasions to get together for in the future, as we experience miracle upon miracle! May we be able to see the Hand of God move among us, as we live our lives faithful to Him!


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