In light of the Shabbat Candles…

I sat just opposite of our son during our Shabbat Evening Dinner last night. Around the table were the rest of my family and some dear friends. We had a good time, enjoying food and drink, fellowship and conversation. We stayed by the table for quite a long time, and were able to watch the Shabbat-candles at the center of the table burn and become smaller and smaller as hour after hour passed. And as I sat there enjoying every moment, I was looking at my dear son on the other side of the table, his face lit up by the candles between us. He was having such a grand night, telling story after story, beaming from all the attention and taking part in the grown-up’s conversations!

English: Shabbat Candles Deutsch: Schabbatkerzen

(I don’t use a camera on Shabbat, so I borrowed a picture to go with this post from commons.wikipedia. Thanks!)

The traditional picture people may have of Shabbat candles, is of two candles there next to the bread and the wine. But actually, in most families there would be more than two, as one would add one for every child in the family. So for example, on our table there are four Shabbat-candles, since we are blessed with two children, and therefore are four members in the family.

This shows how we view our children, and each life really, as a flame or a light. And together we can light up the world, like we are called to. May we be faithful to that calling! As I looked at my children in light of the Shabbat candles last night, I was again reminded of how unbelievably dear they are to me! May I be faithful to my calling as their mother! May I live my life teaching them to be the lights they are called to be!


(Thanks to for this photo!)


2 thoughts on “In light of the Shabbat Candles…

  1. Well put. It is hard to explain how wonderful/peaceful Shabbos is.

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