Recharging batteries hiking.

I could literally FEEL my batteries recharging as we were out jeeping and hiking in the mountains surrounding Jerusalem this afternoon. To rest one’s eyes on hill upon hill clothed with green forests, to fill one’s lungs with the fresh air! Oh, that is the life! Then to watch one’s dear ones skip along on the path ahead, to listen to their happy voices, to witness their love for and connection to our Land grow for every step. Yes, that is real riches!

I had wanted to do this type of trip last week for parashat lech lecha, but it is hard to find an afternoon that works for everyone. Today became a spontaneous trip, as our original afternoon plans were canceled. I am so glad we took the opportunity and went out there to walk the land a bit, to put our feet down on something other than a paved road… We sure get dusty, but afterwards we return to our city dwellings and showers etc, so who cares about a little dust?

Doing this hike in Israel, there is of course all kinds of interesting ancient finds that we could explore and learn from along the path. There is history behind just about every rock!

Here we are at a very large old winepress for example.

And here we learn how they made olive oil in the old times.

Of course our cowboy had to climb some tops and rocks and such…

… and sometimes his sister would join him too.

And I return with fully charged batteries, and a husband who is happy my batteries are so easily recharged… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Recharging batteries hiking.

  1. Janne says:

    Masse flotte bilder! Du er så flink både å skrive og ta bilder!
    Ut på tur gir masse energi ja!! …men man blir litt trett også… men GODT trett!!! 😉 Så bra at dere har fine turområder i “nærheten”. Får sååå lysst å komme ned igjen!! En gang… 😉

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