Wishing each other a safe and quiet week.

I have always enjoyed the fact that we have greetings for all kinds of different times and situations here in Israel. People other places can of course also wish each other a good week, but here it is something that is really done.

“Shavua tov” – “Good Week”, we start wishing each other as soon as Shabbat is over.

And then there are several variations of this. One could wish each other “Shavua Mevurach” – “Blessed Week”. Or: – May we have a Shavua Gashum, – a Rainy Week, as we according to the calendar have just started our much needed rainy season.

Or we could say as I hear said these days: “May we have a “Shavua Sheket, – u’be’ikar Batuach”… – A Quiet Week, and most importantly a Safe Week… As soon as you notice this variation used on the radio or TV or something, you know that they are not saying it for no good reason, this means that chances are pretty big things will not actually remain all that quiet and safe.

This was how we started last week, for example, and on one single day that week we had 80 rockets fired at the southern part of our country, with several direct hits on houses. (*What? You didn’t hear about it? Nobody mentioned it on the news you listen to??…why am I not surprised…)

Here, on the other hand, yes, we did hear about it. As I am taking my own children to a local school in our part of Jerusalem, I hear announced on the radio that schools will be closed in several of our major cities in the south. Think of how this influences the life of all those families! Not only are their normal schedules completely thrown off track, – they end up spending most of their time in or in the near vicinity of their bomb shelters! Imagine what that does to all those children! No, stop, and really think about it! Imagine it is some of the people you care about! Put faces to them! Before we do this, it is as though we don’t really care… We just don’t let it come close enough to us.

Beach in Ashkelon, one of the cities where the schools were closed last week.

Israel did hit back to stop this war against our country and our citizens, and yes, it did stop somewhat, for a few days. But then again today, a new week that we wish each other will be quiet, and most importantly safe... And there we go again, – rockets are falling in the south, and schools are closed in Beer Sheva.

English: Looking down on the city of Be\'er Sh...

 And we keep on praying. We keep on hoping. We keep on coping. We keep on living. We actually keep on celebrating life! We keep on building our country in spite of everything!

Most importantly: – God keeps on being faithful to His promises! None of us would be here if it wasn’t for Him…


6 thoughts on “Wishing each other a safe and quiet week.

  1. Ulli says:

    Well what can I say? I wish you a quiet and safe week!

  2. Janne says:

    Heisann Te’ena!
    Endelig har jeg fått lagret deg under “Blogger” på maskinen min. Og endelig har jeg oppdatert meg skikkelig her.
    Nå har jeg lest gjennom alle innlegg!! 😀 Utrolig kjekt at du har begynt å blogge. Jeg gleder meg til å følge deg. Fra nå av blir det ikke skippertak. Ønsker deg og dine alt GODT i Jesusalem!


  3. Janne says:

    ….. Haha “Jesusalem….” 😀 😀 😀 Jeg måtte le!
    Janne – igjen.

  4. Janne says:

    Ja, vi har LEDD masse sammen!!! Å det er sååå HERLIG!!
    Ja, jeg husker både kassettopptak på rommet ditt og intervjuet i JeRusalem….!! HAHAHA 😀 😀
    Seth og Jakob syntest IKKE det var SÅÅÅ morsomt! Tihi! 😉

    Klem fra “fjolle-Janne” 😉

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