One of the convenient many fringe benefits of living in Israel, is the abundance of cheap beautiful flowers sold on the streets Friday morning. This makes it possible for just about everyone who would like to, to decorate their Shabbat table with flowers. It is also something nice to bring when you are invited somewhere for a Shabbat meal.

Of course it is nice when my husband brings me flowers, which he started doing even before we officially were a couple (*how romantic…)!

There was also a year when he would pick up our little girl from preschool and they would go together to choose the flowers for Shabbat. She was always so cute bringing the flowers home, being about the same size as them herself!

Right now the way our Friday schedules are made up, it is more practical that I buy them myself. I get them before they have stood out in the sun all day, in the morning on the way home from having taken the children to school. The positive side of this is that I get to choose exactly the ones I like, matching my feeling for the Shabbat with colors and style and other table decorations.

Coming home with the flowers puts me in a good and positive mood for the day ahead, – getting ready for Shabbat.

Because, in addition to buying flowers, I have cleaned the whole house today, and prepared enough food to keep us happy both today and tomorrow. (That is after a nice cup of coffee with a quick look at the paper and the nice magazine that arrived at my doorstep this morning.) Shabbat comes either way, of course, but it is just so much more enjoyable when you have prepared well for it!

So, – with this I am sending you all Shabbat-flowers, all the way from Yerushalayim!

Shabbat shalom!


One thought on “Shabbat-Flowers.

  1. Cathrine Pedersen says:

    Gutes shabbes! (jiddish…!?)

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