Footstep craft for Lech Lecha.

We are totally getting into this little project of ours of every week doing something related to that week’s parasha, portion from the Torah. This week we are reading Genesis 12 – 17, and the name of it is Lech Lechawhich is basically the commandment God gave to Abram to get up and walk on his way from the land of his father to the land that God was going to show him.

The whole parasha is full of walking, Abram goes here and there, up and down, arrives somewhere, leaves again, and so on. So I thought the focus of our week would have to include walking. For a craft we did our footprints, which was so much fun and so simple and quick!

We basically just painted the bottoms of our feet, and then while the paint was still wet, stepped without too much movement onto a white sheet of paper.

Yes, even Imma did it… Abba was also offered to join in the fun, but declined. 🙂

The plan was to use finger-paint, but we didn’t have black finger-paint, so the one who chose that color used another crafting type of paint. It all came off in the bath afterwards either way!

Here is the final result. May we always walk in the way that God has called us to!


One thought on “Footstep craft for Lech Lecha.

  1. insahmity says:

    Great idea — my son did footprint art in preschool and loved it!

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