To run like an eight year old.

“On one of my scrapes I have fallen three times”, I hear my son explaining to his sister in the back seat on the way home from school. She points compassionately to a pretty bloody knee, thinking that is the one he is referring to, but no, he says “that one I have only fallen on twice”…

The way he is able to run and fall and get up and keep running again, is admirable. And it is not that he is that clumsy and prone to falling, – it is just that he gives it his all, the running, the getting there first, or even second. He is just an average eight year old.

He loves the breaks in between classes at school. Once I asked him what it is that they do, him and his friends. “We run around the school.” was his answer. Ah, yeah, that sounds so interesting and enjoyable… (*Don’t misunderstand! I also love running. But around the school. Seriously.)

By the way, last time they had an exercise on the siren and getting quickly to the bomb shelter, – he came home very proud to tell me that he had been the very first one to the bomb shelter from the whole school! (*Never mind me being prepared for a deep conversation about feeling safe in spite of threats etc…)

The other day we were some families gathered at a parking lot waiting for still more families to arrive before we would do a hike together in the area. The adults stood around, looking at their watches, getting stressed with all the time that went by. The children just kept running back and forth, up and down. And this is before going on a hike, remember. Then later, on the hike itself, we had to keep reminding them of not running ahead of us, because we didn’t want to loose sight of them…

I am about to start a pretty focused training plan for my own running right now, with specific tasks for most of the days of the week. Because I need that type of thing to keep me going, to reach my goals, to keep me focused. Eight year olds don’t seem to need that at all. They just keep running for the fun of running. Who needs a training plan?

Oh, I have so much to learn from them!


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