Parallel realities.

This was not intended to be a political blog, and never will be. But somehow, everyday life in Israel, includes what could fall under the category “politics” for many. Right now of course it is the threat from Iran that somehow makes its way into everything. For example when I today made an attempt to make an order in our storage room, next to boxes with holiday decorations, are gas masks for each member of the family… Just in case. May we never need them! Really! My heart cries just trying to imagine the faces of my little children inside these huge, scary-looking, black plastic-cases!

Those who have followed my column through the years, know that I feel that we live in parallel realities here in Israel. When I meet people abroad who have the attitude of poor you, having to live your life in a war-zone, I really feel that they have no clue of what my life is like! Because I have a good life! I love my life! I really enjoy life in Israel! (*I think you can already see that even through this blog.)

But then at the same time, news and politics are the other side of our reality. I hear helicopters making circles above us, and I am wondering what or who they are looking for now… The children come home and tell about yet another drill at school on how to run to the bomb shelters as quick as possible… My husband gets called into another week of army-service, just an exercise this time, but still… Said husband is also way above average interested in news and politics, and among other things has a degree in political science. Needless to say, he keeps me well informed on what is going on, and what his opinions are about what is going on…

This morning he was very concerned about the big news on the front of today’s New York Times, about wanting to negotiate directly with Iran straight after the elections. What does this mean for us here in Israel?!? There should be no doubt as to where Iran stands, – they are not in any way trying to hide the fact that they work towards a complete destruction of Israel. So, – are people having trouble hearing? Or do they just not want to listen? The problem seems to be that people just don’t want to see, they don’t want to know. They would like to keep living inside their little bubble for as long as they can. And if that hurts others, then who cares?

Our prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, says that we are like in Germany in 1939. And he is going around trying to convince people of a truth they prefer not to see. Now, if that does not make a clear picture to us, – what does?

Meanwhile, we go to the pool and learn from grandma to become great swimmers… Talk about parallel realities! Because, really, we have good days! And then at the end of the day, this is what we watch on the news…

So at the same time as we pray that the children will have good days at school, we also pray the very relevant prayer that God will give wisdom to our leaders, and protect our country! And Praise God! We know that He does! We are in His Hands, and there is no safer or better place we could ever be!


One thought on “Parallel realities.

  1. mike mitchel says:

    it was reported on the news that there is no truth to the new york times article. also the usa through the pentagon is currently holding military exercises with israel, so although obama and netanyahu do not get along, this does not mean that policy regarding israel has changed significantly. in fact there is not much difference between policy under obama than it was under bush, although some conservatives would like to say otherwise. by inference though, one must realize that romney is a high priest in the mormon cult church which prays to another/idol which essentially means their god is of the spirit of anti-christ which means they will be anti-israel. i made aliyah in 1997 and although i am back in the usa due to health reasons, i follow things going on in israel closely and i write letters to my senators and my congressman. people are listening, and most importantly, yhwh is listening for he is the ultimate protector of israel, and i think he wants the state of israel to learn that hard lesson in order for israel to put its complete trust and obedience in yhwh and return to torah, not talmud, but torah.

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