Noah’s Ark Craft.

Those of us who follow the traditional Jewish reading of the Torah, will have started reading it all over from the beginning again just last week. In our family we have always read the parashot, the weekly portions of the Torah, and at times we have printed matching coloring sheets for the children to color during the week. But this year, I thought to try to take it one step further.

It started with the thought of having the Shabbat Table decorated for the parasha (Torah-portion) of the week. You should have seen what a wonderful table we had last week, decorated like Gan Eden! The children had prepared beautiful colorful drawings of the days of Creation and of the Garden of Eden. We also spread fig leaves all over the table (hehe…) and put all kinds of different fruits on the table. I really like that this makes us think creatively about the parasha. In a sense it brings it closer and helps us relate to it on all kinds of different levels!

So, to this week and its parasha. We are reading about Noah’s Ark! What fun! Today we made this salty play dough that you can bake in the oven till it gets really hard.

Here is the simple recipe I used:

1 part salt, 2 parts flour, 1 part water and a little bit of oil. Just knead it all well together till it gets a nice and smooth texture.

This one worked hard on the actual Ark…

… while this one made all kinds of animals, two and two…

Look at this super-cute lion for example!

And now they are baking in the oven on low temperature (80 degrees celsius), and I guess we will let the big ark bake longer than the little animals (they are all babies, according to our princess!)

The plan is to paint it all tomorrow, so that all is ready for the Shabbat table come Friday. (Stay tuned for pictures! :))


One thought on “Noah’s Ark Craft.

  1. That’s a nice idea. I think it would make the children more engaged and excited for Shabbos.

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