The mind of a child.

Today was one of those days without many breaks between efficiently finishing things on my to-do-list for the day. This continued also after picking up the children from school. We had only a little window of time at home after lunch before we already had to leave for an afternoon activity. I made myself a cup of coffee to give me a boost of energy as I sat down with my daughter to help her with her math homework.

And as we sat there, I was amazed at how her mind worked, – in such a happy, free and unlimited way! It started with her having to write down the number 35 as an answer to something. As she wrote it, she was mumbling to herself: “…ah, none of them want to be friends.” Later there was the number 63, and then she exclaims happily: “Yes! They both want to be friends!” Then for number 11, there is one that is friendly, and one that isn’t…

Do you get it? It all depends on which way the number is turning, with its shape. So those that “open” towards the other, are friendly, and those who turn their back towards the other, are not friendly.

At the end of the homework-session I was laughing, and so was she. (*I guess she was amazed of what a sloooow mom she has, who can’t think of those obvious things herself!)

Children bring so much happiness, – if we just open our eyes to see it!


6 thoughts on “The mind of a child.

  1. Faster says:

    Så koselege å lese dette….. Ser situasjonen for meg…… Må vi alle få opne auge…….

  2. Takk for endå ein oppmuntrande kommentar, faster! 🙂

  3. That’s an interesting way to look at numbers.

  4. Ulli says:

    Wow, she is so creative and smart. Good thinking! What will Becca make out of a 80? 🙂

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