New moon, – New month.

I just came back in from a nice evening run around the neighborhood. It was pretty dark and moonless out there, which was to be expected, as the new moon is so small tonight that it is hardly visible to the human eye.

Having grown up on the countryside, I was spoiled with nature and being able to follow the different seasons etc without too much effort on my side. However, living in a capital city, I have to pay more attention to notice what is going on in nature around me. And following the moon’s growth and decrease is something I have come to greatly enjoy.

This goes hand in hand with Jewish faith and tradition, as the Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar, and therefore follows the moon. I just love how this is in such beautiful harmony with creation!! So this evening we start a new Jewish month, the month of Cheshvan, which is known for the fact that there are no holidays in it…  (*Let’s make the most of all the regular days!)

The beginning of a new month is called Rosh Chodesh, literally “The head of the month”, and is normally celebrated in some sort of little way. My dear husband and I are enjoying a nice glass of wine together this evening, and this afternoon I made several batches of different kinds of muffins, for various gatherings we are having tomorrow as part of the Rosh Chodesh celebration. (*And of course the children and I just had to make sure they were eatable, so we sampled them today too…)

blueberry muffins

At the same time as the Jewish Calendar is lunar, it also follows the seasons of the year. So Cheshvan always comes in the fall, for example. The way we do this is to add a thirteenth month every few years, so some years see 12 moons, and some 13.

I like celebrating Rosh Chodesh, because it regularly comes and brings you a chance to start over with a fresh and new beginning. Who wouldn’t like that?!

I wish you a very happy rosh chodesh celebration, and a great month ahead!



2 thoughts on “New moon, – New month.

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