Oh, what a gift Shabbat is! For us as a family it is real blessing! We keep Shabbat, but really, – Shabbat keeps us too! Finally we have time to really be present where we are, for each other! There are no disturbing phone calls, no urgent computer work, no house work that really should get done. We just get to be. How wonderful!


This morning as I sat there in the synagogue helping my children follow along in the Siddur, prayerbook, I had one of those moments when I all of a sudden realized how blessed I am! We had just gotten to the part where we pray that God may help us lilmod ve lelamed, – to learn and to teach…

ותן בלבנו להבין ולהשכיל, לשמוע ללמוד וללמד, לשמור ולעשות ולקים את כל דברי תלמוד תורתך באהבה

instill in our hearts to understand and elucidate, to listen, learn, teach, safeguard, perform, and fulfill all the  words of your Torah‘s teaching with love…

May that be our life! May that be what we live for!

And a little later in the service, during the amida, comes one of my favorite prayers:

ותחזינה עינינו בשובך לציון ברחמים, ברוך אתה ה’ המחזיר שכינתו לציון

May our eyes behold Your return to Zion in compassion. Blessed are You, HaShem, who restores His Presence to Zion!

What a hope to live in! Wow! How exciting just to imagine this! May our eyes behold His return…!

Well, I’ll end on that note, and just wish you all a wonderful week!

Shavuah tov u’mevurach!




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