Grandma Lee’s Prayerbook


The holiday decorations are back in their box, and the Sukkah-walls are washed and are hanging to dry. I am started on my “to-do-after-the-holidays-list”, but my mind is still full of wonderful memories from the high holidays.

One that I didn’t share here on the blog yet, is the one of praying from Grandma Lee‘s Prayerbook on Yom Kippur. She is my husband’s grandma, not mine, but I had the privilege of visiting her in her Brooklyn apartment several times before she passed away six and a half years ago, just before turning 99. We have her High Holiday Prayerbook here in our home, and my husband’s parents have the matching one that belonged to Grandpa Haim. The prayerbooks were printed in 1951 by Hebrew Publishing Company New York.


I often feel a special kind of connectedness when praying from a Siddur, a Jewish prayerbook, or from a Machzor, a special Jewish prayerbook for the holidays. I feel connected with the whole Jewish People in all of Israel and worldwide, who are praying the same prayers! In our hearts we are all praying together!


And I also feel connected with the generations that have gone before us, – who also prayed these prayers! This sense was definitely strengthened when praying from Grandma Lee’s Prayerbook at Yom Kippur this year.


What a privilege to get to be part of this great prayer-circle! People have gone before us and people will probably come after us, and we get to be alive right now! May we live faithful lives! May we take our part in making the world more like what God meant it to be when He first created it!


For now Grandma Lee’s High Holiday Prayerbook is back on the shelf, and we use the regular Prayerbooks, as there is a time for everything. The sense of connectedness is there to stay though, for which I am very thankful!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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