Dancing with the Torah


Just as Sukkot officially ended, we entered Simchat Torah. So again, we went from joy to joy! Simchat Torah literally means “The Joy of the Torah”, so there is no doubt about the joyfulness of it!

On this day we celebrate that we have finished reading the Torah, the first five books of the Bible. We acturally read both the very last section and the very last section of it. And this is certainly cause for celebration!

We literally dance with the Torah-scrolls. It is one of the highlights of the year for me! The sense of unity! THE JOY! The sight of the Torah-scrolls lifted high in the middle of all the circles of dancers! The songs that come from the depth of our hearts straight to Our GodKi Mi Tzion Titze Torah, U Dvar HaShem Mi Yerushalayim… For from Zion Torah shall go forth, and from Jerusalem the Word of God! 

We dance in separate circles, the women and the men. Where we go, the men actually normally go outside and dance on the street, leaving more room for us women to dance inside. It still gets pretty crowded, and I ended up picking up my little princess, for her not to get crushed down by all the bigger dancers. A smiling woman told me she for a moment thought I was carrying a Torah-scroll, -“Almost!” I laughed with her, before we both danced on in our circles of other celebrating women.

Again, there are no pictures taken, as we don’t make images on a yom tov, which is similar to Shabbat, but our hearts sure are overflowing with wonderful pictures from this amazing celebration! (The photo above is from the web.)

OK, it is getting late here in Yerushalayim, so layla tov, – good night!


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